Zinédine Zidane ne ferme pas la porte au PSG... mais vise surtout les Bleus : "J'en ai envie, bien sûr"

Zinédine Zidane ne ferme pas la porte au PSG… mais vise surtout les Bleus : “J’en ai envie, bien sûr”

50 years. And a very precise idea of ​​what he wants for the rest of his career. In a long interview given to our colleagues from L’Equipe, published on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday, Zinédine Zidane revealed, very clearly, the course he wishes to give to his coaching career. And thus confirmed the impressions left in recent months, or even in recent days, after repelling the advances of Paris Saint-Germain.

Because in the short or medium term, the former number 10 of the Blues seems to have a preference: the France team. “The most beautiful thing ever“, as he says himself. “I want it, of coursehe confided. I will be, I hope, one day. When ? It’s not up to me. But I want to come full circle with the France team“In other words, Zidane is patient. And will most likely be the chosen one if Didier Deschamps leaves after the next World Cup.”Today, a team is in place, he added. with its goals. But if the opportunity comes next, then I’ll be there.”

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PSG? “Never say never”

Legend of the Blues, with whom he won everything, Zizou believes he has not finished his story with the France team. “It’s the pinnaclehammered the former midfielder. And so, as I experienced that and today I am a coach, the France team is firmly rooted in my head.“Perhaps that’s why he considers the manager’s job to be the next step, despite a short but very rich career as a club manager. The rest will wait.

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Including Paris Saint-Germain, who did everything to make him the successor to Mauricio Pochettino and one of the great men of his new project, even if President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi assured the opposite. Postponed ? Maybe. “Never say neverstressed Zizou. Especially when you are a coach today. But the question is moot. This is absolutely irrelevant“.

It certainly will be in the future. “Coach, there ain’t fifty clubs I can go to“, he argues. For a simple reason. Or rather two: Zidane wants to win above all, and have the means. And for him, there is no question of taking the reins of a club from a country of which he does not does not fully master the language. This reduces the field of possibilities. Even if other functions could also be of interest to him: “Why not be in a project in which I myself am the leader“, he confides, without ruling out the idea of ​​presiding over a club: “Everything is open.”

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