your daily horoscope for friday july 22, 2022

your daily horoscope for friday july 22, 2022


The last day of the sweet season of Cancer has arrived. The Sun begins its crossing through the constellation of Leo this Friday evening, July 22, which has the effect of illuminating new astrological sectors of your life! Say hello to a period full of bright moments.

The Moon in Gemini will awaken your playful spirit and make you want to exchange your brightest ideas.

Beautiful day under the blue sky!

Horoscope for Friday July 22, 2022: love, health, work…


Today, the Sun illuminates your astrological zone of romance. This will give you a great chance of finding true love, or at least a great adventure that will make you dream in the evening, before going to bed!


The Sun moves into your home house for the next few weeks and will ask you to care for your home and take care of your family. It’s time to thank the people who make you feel loved.


You will be very communicative today. Mercury and the Sun give you unparalleled mental capacity, and they allow you to express yourself with ease. Be careful, however, not to say everything that comes to mind. Keep the mystery!


A small burst of energy this afternoon is possible, when the Sun leaves your sign. The Moon in Taurus will help you fully live a shared moment, highlighting all your savoir-vivre.


Your ruling star is finally in your constellation and it is determined to fill you with its warm energy for the next month ahead! Boundless optimism will win your mind this afternoon. The Star King will flood you with goodness and joy! Have a good season!


A period of introspection begins for you today. Don’t feel bad if you feel the urge to stay home and work on your self-esteem. There are times for everything in life and this is the time for you to reflect.


You are particularly sociable at the moment. This will make others look to hang out with you to feel some of your bubbly energy! Be open to new encounters!


The Sun illuminates your career astrological zone today. Thanks to the Moon in Gemini, take advantage of this day to plan a smart strategy to achieve your professional goals. It’s happening now!


Your spirituality and ideals will guide you today. As if by a miracle, you will know how to act in the right way, at the necessary time. The Sun in a sign of your ruling element will give you great willpower on this day. Enjoy it!


The Moon in the sign of Gemini will make you think about improving your health and your life in a smart and fun way. Be creative, and change today the habits that no longer suit you on a daily basis.


Leo season will be full of interesting encounters for you, dear Aquarius. Love is not far away, and you feel it. You are ready to change your romantic status. If you are already in a relationship, take the opportunity to deepen the ties that bind you to a special person.


The Sun brings out your most useful side. It runs through an area of ​​your birth chart that appeals to selfless giving. Take the opportunity to fill up on good karma by helping those who need you.

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