Père Fouras

Yoann Riou reveals the TRUE face of Father Fouras: Internet users explode with rage!

On Saturday August 13, another episode of Fort Boyard caught the eye of France 2 viewers. This is the famous exclusive to which we find good old Father Fouras and his enigmas. In this recent broadcast, it was the team of Jean-Luc Lemoine who tried to circumvent the pitfalls of this game. Like the trapdoors of the challenge, these young people won another victory. That of revealing the identity of the sage of this adventure! The details !

Father Fouras got tricked by someone smarter than him!

Since its appearance on the small screen, Fort Boyard has been one of the fun programs that interest many television fans. It should be noted that this exclusivity will soon celebrate its 30th broadcast on the France 2 antenna. In addition, it is a permanent entertainment that is regularly found on the air.

Unlike other shows, it still has no end and you don’t have to wait a year to discover new seasons. In general, fans of the program are always eager to find Father Fouras and his intriguing charisma!

No later than last week, fans of this competition were served with a new broadcast. At the beginning of last weekend, a passage from this adventure with Father Fouras did not go unnoticed on the air. New candidates have come to invade Fort Boyard!

This is the troupe of Jean-Luc Lemoine! They are well-known journalists in France. Their motivation to participate in the game is the same as everyone else. In other words, earn gold! One of their team members found it more interesting to trick the master of the place !

Yoann Riou revealed to the whole world the face behind this wise man!

During the course of the adventure, Yoann Riou is declared as the cursed candidate of the team. For this purpose, he had to undergo three successive ordeals without anyone’s help. Being a real sportsman in everyday life, the first two events were child’s play for the latter. At the third stage, Yoann Riou had to confront Father Fouras. Fortunately, he managed like a boss and managed to answer the riddle.

Apparently, this is not the only feat he performed when meeting Father Fouras. We do not know how but he was able to take a photo next to the latter. Once out of the game, Yoann wasted no time in sharing this snapshot on the web.

The latter did it through his twitter account which made several Internet users react! In comment to his post, the smart guy revealed the identity of the wise man of this mansion. In reality, it would be Yann Le Gac, the creator of Koh-lanta!

Father Fouras: The revelation of his identity to the public was a source of controversy!

By revealing this great secret, Yoann Riou thought he would become more interesting in the eyes of the public. He would be the first to have discovered the personality of Father Fouras from the game. On the contrary, it looks like his act was judged by netizens !

Several Internet users treated him like a wretch after this adventure. Hurtful comments like: “You are an idiot” adorn the canvas to qualify this journalist. Like ironies, others explained that this reality about Father Fouras kills the magic of the game !

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