Yannick Noah

Yannick Noah: his shock secrets about his love life “polygamy is more honest”!

Yannick Noah is one of those stars who have nothing to hide from their fans. He misses no opportunity to talk about his latest adventures! And this, even when it comes to his private life. As for his love affairs, however, things are quite complicated. A situation that he however decided to clarify during a recent speech. We explain to you!

Yannick Noah: a sulphurous sentimental life!

It’s no secret that Yannick Noah’s popularity is not one that goes unnoticed. What earned him some sulphurous romances during his career. We know in particular that the singer married with Cecilia Rodhe during the year 1984. An idyll which allowed him to have his first two children.

They are Joakim as well as Yéléna. Unfortunately, their romance did not last. And the latter decided to resume the course of his life by meeting a british supermodel. This is Heather Stewart-Whyte whom he married in 1995. This time again, the singer had two children including Eleejah and Jenaye.

Later is alongsideIsabelle Camus that he has rebuilt his life. A new marriage sealed in the course of 2003 and which gave birth to Joakukas. If the couple lasted long enough, the confinement will not have helped. Indeed, the latter have been put to the test!

What to push Yannick Noah to separate again in 2020 . The former companion of the singer had then made it known that the distance was fatal for their relationship. Especially since some deviations occurred during this period.

A different approach to life together

Yannick Noah is one of the fairly rare people in the world. Why ? He has a very exceptional outlook on life. Like everyone else, this athlete does not have a good opinion of marriage and life in two !

For him, a man is better off being single. Marriage is an absurd institution forced by society. However, this does not lead to anything according to him by taking example from these experiences!

To this end, he reiterates his words during his first marriage to the priests, saying that: “Polygamy is more honest, and that also applies to women”. If he could, Yannick Noah would himself be the pioneer of this new ideology in the world.

He finds that his life is filled with happiness since he is single and without commitment. . Besides, it looks like he’s proud of his lot and he doesn’t regret a thing. He even threw all the blame for his love failures on his ex-wives! In short, he reasons like a macho!

Will Yannick Noah always stay on his position permanently?

What position are we talking about? We refer to his character as a proud bachelor! Until then, we cannot make hasty deductions because Yannick Noah remains an elusive character . In other words, the latter changes his behavior as he changes a jacket or a shirt!

This may be the reason why the wives of this tennis player could not support him on a daily basis. Nevertheless, we discovered through an exclusive interview of the last wife of Yannick Noah that she still loves him . Only she is waiting for her ex-husband to change for a new chance with him!

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