Y-Brush atomizes the price of its revolutionary back-to-school toothbrush

Used by over 60,000 customers in France and highlighted during its passage in the show Who Wants To Be My Partner? broadcast on M6the Y-Brush is of a formidable efficiency which is no longer to be proven thanks to its ultra-fast simultaneous brushing effective in 10 seconds. This toothbrush is the only of the market to be made in France and, in addition, it is on promotion for the start of the school year. Your colleagues will love your fresh breath at all times!

Every year, millions of people buy toothbrushes to fight plaque and gingivitis. Also, these brushes remove plaque that forms on their teeth, helping them maintain healthy gums and teeth. However, not all toothbrushes are created equal. Many models are uncomfortable for the gums, and more expensive than necessary. In response, Y-Brush has developed a toothbrush that combines patented NylonMed V2 technology and a sonic vibration system: 35,000 soft nylon filaments go to work cleaning your teeth in just 10 seconds!

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A product recognized by professionals

Developed in close collaboration with dentists, its effectiveness is proven by an independent clinical study. Indeed, Y-Brush has 35,000 flexible nylon filaments. It is the only product of this form on the market that is effective in cleaning your teeth thoroughly, the soft nylon allowing you to really scrub the teeth. The competitors, they only graze their teeth, for a result that is far from effective.

With its Y shape, this toothbrush cleans all the teeth in the same arch in one go. We therefore go from 2 minutes of brushing to 10 seconds. Brushing with Y-Brush is therefore faster while being as (or even more) effective. Not only does this method remove more dental debris, it saves time. Something to seduce. This contrasts with electric and/or traditional toothbrushes which only move once per second to scrape your teeth.

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Another feature of Y-Brush are the 3 vibration modes (LEDs displaying the chosen mode on the handle), as well as a battery that lasts 3 months without recharging, and its shareable handle.

Exceptional offers at Y-Brush for the start of the school year

Y-Brush combines power and precision to produce a high quality product. With the start of the school year, the revolutionary toothbrush takes advantage of 15% off on the site with the promotional code BTS15 as well as immediate discounts on its two best packs: the best-selling Nylon Med V2, which drops to 84.99 euros instead of 132.98 euros, and the pack dedicated to children which costs you 76.49 euros instead of of 135.97 euros. With prices sold off, it’s time to crack for this sensational toothbrush. It will undoubtedly revolutionize your daily life, that’s for sure. The opportunity is too good to pass up… Especially since the toothbrush gets a good rating of 4.2/5 on Trustpilot.

With Y-Brush, it’s fast use and fast delivery anywhere in France within 48 hours. Your future toothbrush is shipped the same day or D+1 if you order too late, the advantage of choosing local. Finally, delivery is valid anywhere in the world.

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