Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Shows Up For 20 Minutes, Announces Expansion Pass - GameSpot

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Shows Up For 20 Minutes, Announces Expansion Pass – GameSpot


This Xenoblade Direct begins by enlightening us on the real narrative challenges of the next Monolith Soft. Because beyond the traditional conflict between two nations, it appears that the protagonists of the game are soldiers with only 10 years of lifespan, a decade during which they only fight. Mio, the main heroine, for example, reveals that she only has three months left before she disappears. The heroes therefore want not only to go beyond their condition of soldier but also to extract themselves from this gearing which makes them disposable puppets.

The game, which does not require having done the previous Xenoblades, takes place in the world of Aionios where the nations of Keves and Agnus fight to fill their “vital dial”, an unusual resource but which makes sense being given the context. Three soldiers from each side will have a meeting that will encourage them to join forces and turn against their real enemy.

Noah, Eunie and Lanz on one side, Mio, Taion and Sena on the other. These six fugitives leave the battlefield to uncover the truth about their world and their condition, in hopes of taking control of their destiny. The world of Aionios displays regions with varied landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, a signature of the saga. Established all over the place, the colonies serve as a camp for each of the two warring nations, players will be able to regain their strength there, do their shopping, cut gems and take stock of the quests.

Exploration can sometimes seem intimidating in a Xenoblade, discovering new places will have the effect of automatically unlocking landmarks that then serve as teleportation points. Among the comfort options, there is also a quest route function, a kind of GPS so as not to lose track of your next destination, or the possibility of changing the time of day and night to face specific monsters.

The fights still take place in a semi-automatic style that relies on the positioning and management of arts, skills assigned to the various buttons on the controller. The heroes share the roles of attackers, protectors or healers, knowing that the player controls the character of his choice. In clashes that have often tended to drag on, it will be better to take into account the weaknesses of the enemies to unbalance your target, make it fall, throw it in the air and smash it to the ground.

The system also relies on different interchangeable classes with unlockable master arts to become ever more complete in combat. The interest of master arts is that they remain accessible even after changing class, which can allow a protector to use healing magic, for example. On top of that, “Heroes of Ainonios” can join the team as a 7th fighter, each of these heroes unlocking a unique class like Guardian Commander or War Medic, all classes which are then accessible to the six main characters .

Finally, and this is one of the particularities of this new opus, the protagonists have a transformation called Ouroboros, a powerful form born of a fusion between two characters, always a boy and a girl. This fusion called interlink obviously lasts only a time and the soul points earned in combat will further strengthen the Ouroboros. We can see that the Ouroboros takes on a different form (male or female) depending on which character takes control during the fusion.

The icing on the cake, if you like salty pastries, Nintendo concludes its presentation by confirming the existence of a 30 euro expansion pass with the program:

July 29, 2022 →

  • Lot of useful items
  • New colors for outfits

Before December 31, 2022 →

  • Arena Challenges
  • New hero and new quests
  • New Outfits

Before April 30, 2023 →

  • Arena Challenges
  • New hero and new quests
  • New Outfits

Before December 31, 2023 →

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