Xbox Game Pass: 4 new games today, including Immortals Fenyx Rising |  Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass: 4 new games today, including Immortals Fenyx Rising | Xbox One

August is coming to an end, but it’s ending on a high for Xbox Game Pass members. Indeed, today are 4 new games that join Microsoft’s service on Tuesday, August 30. Tinykin and Commandos 3 HD Remaster are already playable while Immortals Fenyx Rising and IMMORTALITY will be available later today.

Remember that you can always find the list of the next Xbox Game Pass games to be released in 2022, 2023 and 2024 in our full article.

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Download Tinykin (Console, PC)

Milo arrives on Earth to find that he is far too small, everyone has disappeared, and not a day has passed since 1991! Team up with the mysterious tinykin and use his unique powers to create ladders, bridges, explosions and more! Find a way home to a sprawling ant-sized metropolis and uncover Earth’s greatest mystery!

>Download the game

Download IMMORTALITY (Console, PC, Cloud)

IMMORTALITY is the new interactive trilogy from Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story and Telling Lies. Marissa Marcel could have been a star. She made three films, but none came out. And Marissa Marcel disappeared.

Trace your own path through the sequences and solve the mystery. What happened to Marissa Marcel?

>Download the game

Download Commandos 3 – HD Remaster (Console, PC, Cloud)

Forward, soldier! Commandos 3 – HD Remaster sends you to the relentless and ruthless battlefields of Europe. Fight your way through the murderous trenches of Stalingrad, defeat the German enemy in the fanatical heartland of the Third Reich in Berlin, and use your tactical skills to survive the assault on Normandy on D-Day. In this third Revamped installment of the acclaimed real-time tactics game series, lead a notorious special forces unit behind enemy lines during World War II. Help the Allies achieve victory in high definition, with improved controls and user interface.

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Download Immortals Fenyx Rising (Console, PC, Cloud)

Immortals Fenyx Rising brings a grand mythological adventure to life. Play as Fenyx, a new winged demigod, whose task is to save the Greek gods. The fate of the world is in your hands: you are the last hope of the gods.

Wield the powers of the gods, like the sword of Achilles and the wings of Daedalus to battle powerful mythical creatures and solve ancient puzzles. Face mythical creatures like the Cyclopes and Medusa in dynamic combat, on the ground and in the air. Use your skills and weapons, like homing arrows, telekinesis, and more, to inflict devastating damage. Explore a stylized open world, made up of seven unique regions inspired by the gods.

>Download the game

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