With the drought, this interview with Jean-Claude Van Damme resurfaces

With the drought, this interview with Jean-Claude Van Damme resurfaces


Reuters/REUTERS photographer Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme gestures during a news conference in Bucharest December 1, 2004. Romania is attracting a growing number of international film productions, lured to the former communist Balkan country by a combination of low labor and construction costs with unspoiled landscapes. REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel BC/DL

Reuters/REUTERS photographer

Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme during a press conference in Bucharest December 1, 2004 – REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel BC/DL

ENVIRONMENT – This time, it’s not cinema. The summer of 2022 is marked in Europe by a record drought. At the end of last week, more than 100 municipalities were without drinking water. If a crisis unit has been opened in Matignon, tensions on blue gold are not about to go down. Especially since a new heat wave is expected to hit France this week. More than 35 degrees are expected in Paris by Friday.

If global warming is at the heart of the summer discussions, it also gives new visibility to those who have been warning about it, sometimes for decades, scientists in the lead or other whistleblowers… context of lack of water that a sequence by Jean-Claude Van Damme has resurfaced and is enjoying new success on social networks.

The video in question is taken from the documentary “From Jean-Claude to Van Damme” broadcast in 2010 on TF6. In this long-term portrait, there is an interview with the actor who goes around his gym to present it to the team of journalists. For a moment, Jean-Claude Van Damme stops to drink a bottle of water handed to him, and comments: “I love water, in 20 or 30 years there will be more. I hope not “.

JCVD’s phrase -like many others- has become cult and has been the subject of parody, stickers or even printed on t-shirts. But it is now on Twitter that the sequence is shared or commented on hundreds of times by Internet users hailing the visionary spirit, even whistleblower, of the actor.

A Twitter account entirely dedicated to this phrase even has fun doing a countdown…

If the video ready to smile the subject is no less serious. Since July 17, the soil moisture index has fallen below that recorded during the historic droughts of 1976 and 2003. And the figures for the season are to match.

Since June 1, Paris has experienced 8 nights where the temperature has been greater than or equal to 20 degrees against only one last summer, 11 in 2020 (for the whole summer), and 16 in 2003 than in 1976. Nîmes has already experienced 40 nights at this threshold since June 1, compared to 30 in 2021, 41 in 2019, 52 in 2003 and 8 in 1976.

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