Avec sa nouvelle version, Spotify ne veut plus que vous écoutiez de la musique

With its new version, Spotify no longer wants you to listen to music


news material With its new version, Spotify no longer wants you to listen to music

The Spotify app homepage just got an update on mobile devices. Surprisingly, the most used music streaming service in the world seems to be abandoning its musical content somewhat.

We no longer present Spotify, a streaming music app born in Sweden in 2006and which has since enjoyed worldwide success. This is due as much to his huge catalog of music as to the platform’s desire to constantly improve.

Auto Spotify has been enriched with many features over the years. We are thinking, for example, of collaborative playlists, the display of song lyrics in real time or the possibility of broadcasting “live” content to interact live with podcasters.

Over time, Spotify’s catalog has also expanded to other content than just music. Podcasts have taken more and more spaceso much so that the platform found itself in a dilemma: how to highlight them better? The answer is coming this week.

Spotify revisits its homepage, podcasts in the spotlight

The mobile version of Spotify on Android benefits from this weeka redesign of its homepage. The objective is to allow the user to more easily access content that is recommended by the platform, according to his tastes, but also general trends.

At the top of the home page, there are now “Music” and “Podcasts & shows” sections which very clearly separate the two types of content. Spotify’s message is clear: yes, he does have music on his platform, but there is also a lot of other content just waiting to be listened to.

With its new version, Spotify no longer wants you to listen to music

“By creating these streams, Spotify is helping listeners easily scroll through the type of content they’re looking for at the time. The updated interface will make the experience more personalized while allowing users to dig even deeper into their recommendations.”explains the service statement.

Listen to podcasts, please

Spotify would therefore like you to listen to a little less music and a little more podcastssince the platform now relies heavily on this category of content. Many partnerships have been signed in this direction and the platform therefore wants to make the investment profitable.

If you have already listened to at least one podcast episode, this new version automatically recommends other episodes and suggests other similar programs. Enough to encourage you to abandon your favorite music albums to listen to programs instead. These suggestions are valid for both premium subscribers and those with free access to Spotify.

The update should be offered very quickly on devices that run Android. It is planned for iOS in the coming weeks : if you have an iPhone, you still have to be a little patient to be able to enjoy it!

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