Wilfried Happio en argent sur 400 m haies derrière l'intouchable Karsten Warholm

Wilfried Happio en argent sur 400 m haies derrière l’intouchable Karsten Warholm


Untouchable Karsten Warholm. The Norwegian flew over the final of the 400 meters hurdles on Friday evening at the European Championships in Munich, crossing the line more than a second ahead of Wilfried Happio (23), second and silver medalist (47 ‘ ’12 against 48”56).

This medal represents a difficult year, trying with a lot of work, a lot of confidence also with the coach, because at one point we asked ourselves questions, reacted the Frenchman, 4th at the Worlds in Eugene, last month (in 47”41). At the beginning of the year, we made our program and it can only work above all with a big trust that he places in me and that I place in him. It is a whole. There is a double project, my registration in physio school. It’s a whole and frankly, it comes as the icing on the cake and it’s an end to the season like the summer season: with a lot of happiness, a lot of satisfaction. »

Warholm knew how to bounce back

Warholm, Olympic champion in the discipline has, at the same time, broken the record of the European Championships, held since 1982 by Harald Schmid. I had a very difficult season with injuries, so being here and bouncing back means a lot, savored the 26-year-old Norwegian, injured in June and too fair at the Worlds (7th).

“I learned that I should never have taken such a thing for granted. Now I will enjoy it even more because it was very hard. I hope I can be healthy and train at a high level again so you can never count without me again. My friends and family are here, as well as many Norwegian fans. So happy to have them. It was one of the last competitions for me this year. I can’t wait to train hard and race next year. »

Karsten Warholm celebrates his victory at the finish of the 400m hurdles. (S. Mud/The Team)

Still valiant at the foot of the podium

Behind the world record holder, the fight remained intense until the end for the bronze medal, which was finally seized by the Turkish Yasmani Copello, one hundredth ahead of the Frenchman Ludvy Vaillant (48”79). Third Habs engaged in this final, a first since 1966, Victor Coroller finished eighth (50”46).

Three people for third place, that’s what I’ll remember firstblew Vaillant, disappointed, after the race. Then I am in fourth place, like four years ago. It’s hard when hot. Afterwards I do a sick race, I come back very well, that’s what cost me a bit at the start of the season and we worked on it in training. The positive is that. I respected what I wanted to do, as proof my legs know my running pattern by heart. there is just the end where I accelerated well and fought hard for this third place. »

It’s a failed final, raged Coroller. We’re not going to hide it. However, I had great legs during the warm-up. I wanted to put a lot of frequency, but I miss the whole second part of the race, I make an incalculable number of mistakes. At this level it does not forgive. It’s a shame, I know where I come from too. I lack experience in these races. »

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