Why Dékuple returns to the capital of Brainsonic


The Dékuple group, which specializes in data marketing, has announced that it is in exclusive negotiations to take a stake in the Brainsonic agency for a majority stake. One year after a total overhaul of its identity, the Dékuple group (formerly ADLPerformance) saw a growth in its turnover of 17.9% in the first half of 2022. An increase driven by digital marketing activities “Our digital marketing activities, which represent 50.8% of consolidated revenue compared to 40.9% a year ago, confirm their strong growth with sales up +46.3% driven by the dynamism of the data marketing marketindicated Bertrand Laurioz, CEO of the group, present in France, Spain, Portugal and China.

Dékuple launched a plethora of new services this year: a marketing engineering department, 80 people dedicated to cross-channel data analysis throughout the sales process, from insights analysis to performance measurement and the campaign optimization loop. Two new service bricks have come to enhance it this semester: “Dékuple Listen”, for the semantic analysis of the web upstream, and “Dékuple Watch”, which is based on the observation and analysis of the digital behavior of consumers. . Both are tools for strategic planning. Finally, Dékuple launched “Track in the shop”, a tool for measuring visits in stores and on e-commerce sites, to better optimize drive-to-store campaigns.

All this combined offers Dékuple a range of technological services for advertisers. But only the more creative and productive part of the campaigns is missing. This is why the group has set its sights on the Brainsonic agency (estimated turnover of 17 million euros in 2022), in the form of a majority stake acquisition. The independent agency, which employs 120 people, is positioned to develop “engaging” creations through various levers: digital, social media, events, advertising, corporate, editorial… According to our information, the agency is even in the process of working on the creation of a PR division, since the recruitment of Leila Touiti.

Towards large calls for tenders

It is therefore this vision of creative advantage, and this brick of expression of the brands, in dialogue with consumers and the general public that would make it possible to respond exhaustively to calls for tenders for Dékuple. For its part, Brainsonic, although it does have a performance division, does not have the necessary weight in terms of data analysis – which makes the difference with advertisers – to get on the big pitches. Bringing the two together will allow you to tackle bigger budgets and more strategic campaigns.

Guillaume Mikowski, the founder of Brainsonic, will join the Dékuple management team and will continue the development of Brainsonic, of which he will remain chairman and shareholder. The independent agency thus retains a space of freedom within the group.

“The finalization of this transaction should take place in the coming weeks, after the information and consultation of the employee representative bodies and the finalization of the legal documentation” indicated Dékuple, which will have nearly 900 people at the end of 2022. But the teams seem to welcome the news with a smile.

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