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Who is Kris Marszalek?

Kris Marszalek is known in the cryptocurrency world for founding the digital asset that is nowadays known as Functionality of the project the most appreciated by users is undoubtedly the crypto payment card. It allows you to pay for your purchases in all places that accept payment by card.

In order to find out in more detail who Kris Marszalek really is, we will see together what his journey has been. We will thus discover his level of education, his previous professional experiences and what led him to create

Education and background

Kris Marszalek is of Polish nationality and grew up in this country. It is therefore quite naturally that his education was carried out in Poland. He graduated from Adam Micjiewicz University and decided to turn very quickly to international entrepreneurship.

Before discovering cryptocurrencies, Kris Marszalek created several start-ups which had various successes. We can cite for example the Beecrazy e-commerce platform. It was a big hit and he managed to resell it to iBuy Group Limited in 2013. He made big profits.

After the sale of this company, he became the CEO of Ensogo. This is a retail business that offers big discounts to its customer base. If the company is relatively unknown in France, it is very famous in Southeast Asia. She has quite a few users there who take advantage of generous discounts on products of all types.

The Monaco Foundation (

In 2016, Kris Marszalek had the idea to design the Monaco cryptocurrency. The goal was to give users more control over their money and data. However, 2 years later, the company changed its name to For the record, the domain name had already been registered since 1993 by a cryptography researcher and professor, Matt Blaze. According to some estimates, Kris Marszalek had to spend between 5 and 10 million dollars to acquire this domain name.

If the launch of Monaco was a little slow, things accelerated after the brand change of 2018. A centralized exchange (CEX), a decentralized exchange (DEX), as well as a credit card allowing payment with cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world quickly emerged.

Over time, the platform has been more and more visited and its attendance has exploded in 2020. Besides offering many pairs of trade different, it is above all the bank card which allows you to use your cryptocurrencies to pay for your purchases in everyday life which has succeeded in attracting many users.’s long-term goals

The objectives of are quite simple: to allow the democratization of cryptocurrencies by making their use as easy as possible. Thus, regardless of the cryptocurrencies that one has on his account, it is possible to use them to pay in shops, the platform then taking care of automatically converting them into fiat currency during payment.

Kris Marszalek also wants his system to be compatible with many different applications and payment methods. As a result, collaborations with companies such as, Ecwid and Ledger were quickly established and made fully operational.

From a legislative standpoint, also seeks to do things the legal way. She therefore obtained authorizations from different jurisdictions around the world, in particular to offer her crypto bank card. Thus, the European Union, Canada and Australia have already granted the company the right to offer its products legally in their respective territories. Ultimately, the company aims to obtain a right to practice in all countries where authorization is required.

Conclusion on Kris Marszalek

Like many individuals who evolve in the world of blockchain, Kris Marszalek is mainly known for his main creation, namely the platform. Thanks to his entrepreneurial skills, he managed to identify the needs of crypto investors and provide them with what they lacked. is now a very well established player in the world of cryptocurrencies and has an excellent reputation with the blockchain community. If the company continues to listen to its customers and deliver what they want, it’s a safe bet that will continue to grow and we’ll be hearing about Kris Marszalek for quite a while.

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