which crypto platform to turn to?

which crypto platform to turn to?


Crypto.com is, without a doubt, one of the best-known crypto platforms in 2022. It must be said that the company is sparing no effort with numerous partnerships (Formula 1, Staples Center naming, advertising with Matt Damon…). Yes, but here it is, all is not rosy. More and more customers at Crypto.com are realizing this and looking for alternatives.

If you’re a disappointed customer or just looking to evaluate other options before committing somewhere, you couldn’t be better off. Following we will present you the best alternatives to Crypto.com.

The best alternatives to Crypto.com in 2022:

Why Crypto.com may disappoint you

Before telling you about the best alternative to Crypto.com, we have seen fit to come back to the negative aspects of this broker for investing in cryptos.

What is generally criticized by customers of this platform? To answer this question, beyond our own tests, we took the time to analyze several hundred reviews left by disappointed Crypto.com customers. To do this, we relied on TrustPilot.

As you can see below, there is no shortage of negative reviews. We understand better why more and more people are looking for an alternative to Crypto.com.

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Rather than making long sentences, we offer you a list of the problems that come up most often:

  • Slow customer support and very often disappointing responses
  • The fees are high and the platform pushes to invest in its crypto, CRO, to take advantage of correct fees
  • Blocking of funds without notice and valid reason
  • Unsuitable platform for trading cryptocurrencies
  • Decrease in the benefits offered through cards to pay with digital assets.

As said, this is only a summary. Many other issues are raised by platform customers.

And it is impossible for us to miss the hack that took place in January 2022. During it, some clients of the broker lost more than 35 million dollars. A hacker managed to disable 2FA authentication and mine Bitcoin and Ether from a number of accounts. Worse still, the CEO of the platform initially denied that funds had been stolen… before acknowledging the hack a few days later.

This obviously leads to questioning the security of the platform, but also its seriousness, especially following the erroneous statements of its CEO.

Are you curious to find more details about the points covered? Read our Crypto.com review.

The Best Crypto.com Alternatives (2022)

It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of this article, the overview of alternatives to Crypto.com.

Note that each platform presented below will meet different needs. It is therefore up to you to define what you want to find in order to make the most judicious choice.

1) eToro – the benchmark crypto platform

Whether you are a new investor or a trader with some experience, we believe that eToro is the best alternative to Crypto.com.

Its site and its application are extremely well thought out and will allow a quick start. Above all, all the interfaces are pleasant to use, which is an excellent point.

Unlike Crypto.com, this alternative won’t force you to invest in its own cryptocurrency to take advantage of attractive fees (eToro doesn’t have any cryptocurrency in its name anyway).

The other advantage that this online broker has is that it is regulated in France. eToro has indeed a PSAN license granted by the AMF, the authority which regulates the financial markets in France. This proves the seriousness and reliability of this platform.

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By opting for eToro, you will be able to invest in nearly 100 different cryptos. This number is constantly changing with regular additions. Even better, through a single account, you can invest in the stock market (company shares, ETFs, indices, commodities, etc.).

What about features? You will find the whole range. Crypto-currency storage, price analysis tools, leverage, nothing is missing. eToro even innovates with its social trading section. The latter makes it possible to dialogue with other investors, to reproduce the trades of certain experts, and even to use a trading robot following advanced strategies.

As you will have understood, eToro is an excellent alternative to Crypto.com. The broker effectively fills many of the shortcomings noted in its competitor.

2) ZenGo – the best app to buy and store your cryptos

ZenGo is an ideal alternative to Crypto.com if you are looking for a solution that can be used on smartphones or tablets.

Indeed, with this platform, everything will happen through an application. ZenGo has indeed judged that to offer the best possible experience, everything had to be done on a mobile application. His is compatible on iOS and Android.

ZenGo’s application is multi-functional. You can indeed use it to buy crypto-currencies, sell them, but also store them safely. Unlike many platforms (including Crypto.com), ZenGo gives you ownership of your digital assets. You are the one who has the private keys, which means that even by leaving your cryptos with ZenGo, you are really the holder.

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Through the ZenGo application, it is also possible to invest your digital assets in savings products. This is made possible through a partnership with Nexo, a reputable cryptocurrency lending and borrowing service.

For example, you can lend Bitcoin and in exchange, earn interest.

If all this convinced you to turn to this alternative to Crypto.com, know that ZenGo is currently offering $10 worth of Bitcoin to its new customers.

3) Binance – the alternative to Crypto.com for advanced trading

Binance is the last alternative to Crypto.com that we wanted to introduce to you. Although this platform is the most used in the world, we believe that it is a bit behind eToro and ZenGo. This is especially true if you are looking for an easy to use service.

If you are a beginner, avoid Binance because its interfaces are relatively complex and you will quickly get lost.

But then who is Binance for? It is an excellent trading platform. If you have experience in the field, this is a good choice.

By creating an account on it, you will have access to countless cryptocurrencies, trading pairs, and above all, you will be able to benefit from low fees. In addition Binance offers the possibility of using a lot of advanced tools for trading. Suffice to say that you will find a lot of things that are missing from Crypto.com.

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What drives us to present Binance to you in this list of the best alternatives is also its additional features. You can stake your crypto-currencies, order and use a bank card to pay for your purchases in cryptos, or participate in the launch of new projects.

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