What skills are sought by marketing-communication companies?

What skills are sought by marketing-communication companies?

What are the key lessons that emerge from your 2nd observatory of the marketing and communication professions?

“What emerges from this barometer are the skills sought by companies during this health crisis. Among them, we can cite the adaptabilityIinitiativethe ability to integrate into a teamIinnovation and the creativitywhich are largely developed by our students during group work or in project mode. It is important that the teaching adapts and sticks to the needs of the companies in the sector. We are working in this direction with two other schools of the IONIS group, of which we are a part.

Within ISEG, students will be able to acquire, for example, technical skills in marketing and communication. But also an IT expertise and another in design, within our two dedicated schools: Epitech and e-artsup.

Interdisciplinarity is important: it is in this perspective that students from our different schools work together on projects. And when students from different fields think together, it leads to great projects! I can give as an example the “Project weeks” every year. Recently, a thousand students from our different schools in France worked on a challenge proposed by Meetic. In the past, our students have been able to work on cases from companies such as Mugler, Nike, etc. Students practice on real problems posed by companies and this gives them additional skills. This is an asset for future graduates. »

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What profiles and skills are sought by companies in this sector?

“Marketing and communication companies that recruit first look at the candidate qualities such as their sense of innovation, their creativity, their ability to open up to new areas, their agility… You have to be able to move quickly from one subject to another.

The crisis is also good. It has brought acceleration in many areas, particularly in the digital. Moreover, it has obliged each of us, and in particular the students who have taken distance learning courses, to acquire new working methods. The majority of students have also been able to adapt and progress in this area. When we use the term “academic”, we too often think of the traditional theoretical aspect, but we must not forget what is called “advanced skills”. These encompass all the knowledge and skills related to digital that are developing. These skills are mostly learned in school. You can’t learn all the time alone behind your computer! »

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