What Is The Crypto.com CRO Coin And Its Price Prediction For 2030?

What Is The Crypto.com CRO Coin And Its Price Prediction For 2030?

Although most cryptocurrencies, including the largest, Bitcoin, have rebounded lately, the success of related blockchain projects might be the biggest force that could influence the price appreciation of any crypto asset. With this in mind, the focus should not only be on the historical price data of any crypto, but also the future of the project.

As we know, all cryptos are tied to a particular project, for example, Ether is tied to the Ethereum blockchain network. The long-term viability of the project matters as much as tweets from influencers like Elon Musk.

One crypto asset that seems to have a definite utility with a project that has made progress is the CRO coin.


What is Crypto.com Coin?

As most enthusiasts know, Crypto.com is a crypto asset exchange. The swap made headlines when he teamed up with Hollywood star Matt Damon for a commercial.

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It is headquartered in Singapore and Crypto.com claims to have millions of users. As is the case with Binance – a leading crypto exchange, which has a BSC blockchain network and a native BNB token – Crypto.com also has a blockchain named CRO, with the CRO coin acting as a native token. .

The blockchain would primarily be used by the company to power its mobile payment application. CRO is a token that can be used for staking to validate transactions and earn rewards.

CRO coin price

The CRO coin is a major cryptocurrency and is currently one of the top 20 cryptos by market capitalization, according to the CoinMarketCap list. The price of the CRO token is currently US$0.5 and the market capitalization is almost US$12.8 billion.

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Where can you buy the CRO coin?

CROs can be traded on several crypto exchanges, including Huobi Global and OKX.

CRO Coin Price Prediction

Although it is almost impossible to predict anything about cryptocurrencies due to the volatility that affects this space, the CRO coin could make progress in the coming months. The all-time high price of the CRO token is USD 0.9, which it reached in November last year.

So far in 2022, the CRO coin has seen a volatile run. But if the Crypto.com exchange adds more users and the CRO chain is supported for its decentralized attributes, CRO would find more use. This could bring the price to US$4 by the end of 2022.

Cro coin price movement

Data provided by CoinMarketCap.com

CRO Coin Price Prediction 2030

CRO has yet to reach US$1, but if Crypto.com shines, CRO could also increase demand. Indeed, the CRO coin has utility in the exchange. According to this metric, the CRO coin could even reach US$40 by 2030.

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At the end of the line

The price of the CRO coin largely depends on the success or failure of the Crypto.com exchange and the blockchain. It could increase sharply if both platforms attract more users in the coming months.

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