Qu'est-ce qu'une agence de Growth Hacking ?

What is a Growth Hacking Agency? – Agencies

What is a Growth Hacking Agency?

Before the realization of an idea, a targeted identification of personae and marketing channels is essential. A growth marketing agency ensures the rapid growth of your projects and positions itself as a real viable and more efficient alternative to traditional marketing agencies.

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The growth hacking agency: a powerful concept

Growth hacking is a concept created in the early 2010s by Sean Ellis. The method consists of implementing a marketing strategy with the objective of generating maximum traffic to a website. By automating the qualification and generation of leads, but also by implementing strategies aimed at broadening the targeting.

The concept of growth hacking, as conceived by the Growth Hacking We Growth agency, was mainly designed to be used by start-ups, whose products or services are still in the development phase. The role of the agency involves testing ideas using the lean startup method.

The lean Startup method is an entrepreneurship method that integrates the concepts of Agility, Innovation and Empiricism. It is based on the principle that any company, even after its creation, must continue to be optimized and to refine its product/service. The method also starts from the idea that a startup must be agile enough to react quickly to changes in the market and respond effectively to customer expectations.

Thus, the main objective of a growth hacking agency is to develop a clearer visibility of your targets and the channels used by them. This allows you to build a solid, powerful and impactful communication strategy.

What is the difference between a growth hacking agency and a traditional marketing agency?

A marketing agency is a company specializing in supporting new businesses. She helps entrepreneurs develop their brand, design their marketing strategy and find innovative ways to communicate with their customers.

But if you want to get faster and more lasting results, the best solution remains the services of a growth hacking agency. On the one hand, because these are agencies that have an A to Z vision when it comes to gaining market share via digital. On the other hand, this type of agency adopts a digital growth strategy using methodologies such as: inbound and outbound marketing, SEO/SEA, marketing automation or even product management and UX & conversion method.

Why a Growth Hacking Agency is more successful

All the performance of a growth hacking agency lies in its 360° vision of the marketing strategy to be implemented. And, it is mainly by granting essential importance to experimentation that it positions itself as a viable and more efficient alternative to traditional marketing agencies.

But also, growth hacking agencies are definitely “user friendly” and “data driven”. Users are their core target and this angle of marketing perception directs all strategies towards the usability of your products and services. This approach then consists of focusing on the purpose (the user) and less on the method (the company).

As for the “data driven” approach, this consists of making decisions based on the data collected throughout the various user testing processes. It is also based on the analysis of data relating to the competition, the market, as well as the target customers.

What to remember: the multidisciplinarity, in essence, of growth hacking agencies has made them efficient partners in the development of your marketing strategy. Especially since by drawing inspiration from all the digital media available, these agencies offer real marketing springboards to their clients. And, this, in order to pave the way for them to constantly grow their business objectives.

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