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what does the new pink heart emoji mean? It’s not what you think!


The new pink heart emoji appeared in 2022 on WhatsApp. Many people already use it, wrongly or through. Here’s what it actually means.


The emojis and smileys have become an integral part of our conversations about social networks. Not a day goes by that we don’t use it. However, there are hundreds and everyone has meanings. It is important to know them to know when to use and who to send it to. Among the new emojis that have appeared in 2022 are the pink heart which you are probably already using. However, do you know what it actually means?

The pink heart does not mean love!

In the popular imagination, the heart is often linked to love. So that’s why many people use heart emojis, along with all sorts of things. Moreover, the heart emoji remains the most used in the world. It exists for this purpose in different shapes, colors and styles. As a result, it allows us to express love in different ways, depending on our mood, to bear witness to all that we cannot express.

WhatsApp: what does the new pink heart emoji mean?

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The true meaning of the pink heart emoji!

However, you are on the wrong track if you think the new emoji pink heart is a sign of love. For it, you already have a red heart and its many variations.

Unlike these, the new pink heart emoji symbolizes sensitivity, kindness, friendliness or even courtesy.

In short, you can use this emoji to express all that is positive with a character carelessness, lightness. Unlike the color red, which symbolizes love, the rose, according to the meaning of the colors, refers to candor, ingenuity, fidelity, purity, gentleness or any love without selfishness or sex. Remember novels and rose water films. It’s romance!

Besides, you can use the new pink heart emoji to express your Acknowledgement.

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The meaning of other atypical heart emojis

The expanding heart, the double heart, the vibrating heart… find out what they mean.

The expanding heart

This is a set of three hearts with a color gradient. This ranges from pure pink to pale pink. It symbolizes a love that grows, the passion that rises day by day.

The double heart

It is a large red heart with a small superscript heart. This is used to express a double feeling, love and passion. This emoji expresses euphoria, elation and the physical manifestation of a deep feeling of love.

The vibrating heart

This emoji symbolizes the excitement of the feeling of lovehigh intensity, passion. It is represented by a large red heart with arcs of vibrations.

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