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“What are you waiting for?” : Lou Pernaut furious against firefighters after a terrible accident!

At the moment Lou Pernaut is on vacation in the sun. However, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay has let out a rant in his Instagram story against firefighters and paramedics. And this for their lack of responsiveness after an accident. Indeed, this Wednesday, August 3, her friend had need their help. But, as you will understand, they did not help.

The ubiquitous heat wave

Lou Pernaut takes pleasure in maintaining a link with his followers on his Instagram account. The girl, who has nearly 222,000 followers on the social network. And she does not hesitate to confide directly in her fans when the need arises. Especially when circumstances make her very concerned for them. And this, as with the heat wave of the last few weeks. She used her Instagram account to warn and help her loyal subscribers.

She wrote “The friends, for the next 2 days, it’s going to be super hot so really, hydrate and rest”, July 18 on Instagram. And this, at the height of the heat wave which raged in France in the previous weeks. Lou Pernaut also shared his moving tribute on his father’s 78th birthday. Thus, she also enjoys talking about her little personal experiences. Leaves to push a rant when the opportunity arises. This is the case for what happened this Wednesday August 3 after an accident.

Lou Pernaut: “It’s super dangerous”

Currently on vacation on the Côte d’Azur, not far from Le Lavandou. Indeed, Lou Pernaut testified to a shocking experience. An experience that took place on the night of Wednesday August 3 to Thursday 4. And this, in a video posted on his Instagram story. ” Two days ago, I went to the Voile de Cavalière, and in fact, I have a friend who broke her knee, which made an effusion. We are very far from the hospital. We’re a thirty minute drive to the nearest hospital and everything. And in fact, we realized when we were in the club that my girlfriend had really really bad knee pain and that she couldn’t walk at all, and that all of a sudden the pain started »she expresses.

Lou Pernaut
Source: Capture Instagram Story

Lou Pernaut then decided to call for help to pick up his friend. However, unfortunately no help could come to him. ” On decided to call the fire department and ambulance who figured it was not a dire emergency, as our parents were sleeping we had no transportation so I had to wake my mother to take us. So, firefighters and ambulances, what do you expect when they tell you that there is a person who is throwing up in pain? What are you waiting for to pick it up? I don’t know, I don’t understand. It’s super dangerous.” she explains. Lou Pernaut was visibly affected by the situation. Teenagers in distress who will be hesitant to seek help from the fire department the next time they run into a problem…

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