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What are the most relevant post types for digital marketing?

digital marketing requires the use of various digital channels, including social networks and websites. These include a range of options to help companies reach a large number of prospects.

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However, certain broadcast formats drive more engagements. Here is a list of post types with high added value.


The video has become the favorite posting format on most social networks. You should know that it can reach different targets, especially if the trick of subtitles is well exploited. So do not hesitate to embed captions in your videos in order to boost the reach of the publications. This format has the advantage of containing a maximum of information.

In addition, the main platforms have adapted to the trend with new algorithms and practical features. Moreover, the versatility of the video format can also justify its relevance.

From real to medium-length sequences to live, the options are obviously not lacking. Video is arguably a more creative means of communication for brands. It paves the way for various digital marketing strategies.

The picture format

Even with the surge of video, theimage has not lost its usefulness. Brands always use it to make their campaigns more balanced. However, the image format essentially offers 2 types of publications. The first option concerns photos obtained following a professional shoot. It can therefore be pictures of any product or those of a brand ambassador.

On the other hand, the second possibility requires more creativity. Indeed, it concerns infographics that can be published to convey a marketing message. In either case, it is necessary to work extensively on the visual aspect in order to achieve the set objectives.

The stories

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTokstories are a big hit. These ephemeral publications indeed attract an audience that is a fan of entertainment. This is probably due to their short format and the provisions of the various platforms which try to favor them over the news feed.

In addition, stories allow brands to broadcast different types of content. Images or videos can optionally be published for 24 hours, but with more fun creation tools.


The carousels are very popular publication formats on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebookk. This type of publication mainly allows brands to tell a story or broadcast long marketing messages. Note that carousels can integrate images and videos into a single post. This advertising format therefore makes marketing campaigns more dynamic.

Link sharing

Besides the visuals, the privileges are also relevant for digital marketing, especially for companies that want to drive traffic to their platforms. In reality, this type of publication is particularly useful for structures that operate in e-commerce. It is also advantageous for brands that make sales on their websites or applications.

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