What are the key steps for an efficient activation of customer data?  - Dedicated hub

What are the key steps for an efficient activation of customer data? – Dedicated hub



Customer journeys have become more complex, with brands now offering multiple purchase options or interaction channels. So how do you create a 360° customer view and make the information actionable to move towards a more personalized customer experience?

Step 1: data unification

Because the sources of customer data have multiplied – and continue to diversify -, companies still too often store data in silos, which can really affect the quality of communication: “It is for example very unpleasant to receive a post-purchase promotion of an object or service without having been able to benefit from it”observes Emmanuel Quéré, Director Customer Success Southern Europe. This is why it is necessary to compensate for the scattered storage of data, by constituting a 360° customer vision, which brings together all the information of the same customer around a unique identifier.

“With Selligent, we can now take advantage of all the information about each of our customers to develop targeted campaigns for all of our brands, websites and mobile applications. This allows us to complete our digitization process, as we can now count on a tailor-made CRM”, says Maria Cristina Cappiello, Digital Marketing Manager at 24hAssistance
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Insert: The importance of reliable data…

This step of reunifying customer data involves ensuring that the information used is of good quality: source of collection and rights of use, but also rules for regular updating so as not to use obsolete data (in particular concerning data contact) or duplication to avoid multiple sending of the same message.

Step 2: unification of communication channels

In the same logic of creating a single entry key for the use of customer data, it is better to centralize all media activations – mainly email, sms and website push – on a single platform. . “This is what Selligent Marketing Cloud enables, based on a scalable model, which can always accept new data or communication channels. We are thus seeing a current increase in requests to communicate on wallets or via a more conversational approach to stick as closely as possible to new uses”. explains Emmanuel Quéré.

“Implementing Selligent Marketing Cloud improved our marketing model in just a few months. The new banner system has had a huge impact in terms of acquisition and conversion. It also allowed us to collect actionable personal data which guided us towards a more personalized approach in our outbound marketing strategy”. Lisa Rodrigues, Digital Marketing Manager at L’Etudiant.

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Insert: … and real-time activation!

The unification of both customer data and communication channels facilitates the activation of real-time data: an undeniable asset in the service of a seamless omnichannel customer journey. This is what will allow, among other things, a good responsiveness of the company, thanks to the automatic sending of messages following an action or to offer an instant mode of communication such as RCS, an enriched SMS which invites conversation. .

Issue 3: Data enrichment

However, consumers are more than ever aware of the control of their personal information, which they now only disclose in exchange for a promise of added value: personalization of communications and promotions, speed of the purchase process. It is therefore not surprising that more than 50% of web browsing is now done in private mode and that 37% of Internet users use an adblocker (source: 2022 CM Group study). “So there must be a tangible benefit!”observes Emmanuel Quéré before adding “This is why knowing the customer can only be done gradually, in a process of trust and “progressive profiling”, where few questions are asked at each interaction and in a very contextualized way so that the customer understands how this given contributes to the improvement of their experience with the brand”. Indeed, 71% of consumers say they have a favorite brand because it has developed a special relationship with them and 74% because it uses their personal data to make their life easier. Transparency regarding the use of data is therefore no longer an option but a prerequisite!

The Brico DIY brand: 7 questions to get to know each other better
In order to enrich the profile of its consumers, the brand has defined 7 questions concerning the centers of interest or the type of habitat to better segment its communications. These questions are then asked throughout the customer’s life cycle, when browsing the website in a contextualized way or during the finalization of the purchase stage.

“Selligent was instrumental in the journey that would lead us to a consumer-centric organization. The platform has helped us to personalize our communication while allowing us to learn more and more about our customers throughout the life cycle”says Ozana Popescu – Product Owner IT CRM, Maxeda DIY Group (Brico, BricoPlanit & Praxis)

The goal: better personalized communication

The activation of customer data – whether behavioral, transactional or declarative – therefore allows brands and retailers to more easily capture the attention of their customers and prospects, thanks to more appropriate messages: “The operational possibilities are numerous: the customer only receives information about the garden if he has declared that he is enjoying an outdoor space, or a promotion is sent only to new residents, for example if a reconciliation has been made with a file such as than that of the Post Office, “New Neighbors”says Emmanuel Quéré.

“We want to offer an experience of excellence to all Tape à l’Oeil customers, whatever the communication channel. Selligent Marketing Cloud has been instrumental in improving efficiency and experience across all channels,” confirms Léonor Gravey, Marketing Manager at Tape à l’Oeil.
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