"What a little sun..."

“What a little sun…”


This Friday, July 29, comedian and humorist Artus spoke on his Instagram account to comment on the last season of Beijing Express on M6. The opportunity for him to pay for the candidate Valérie Trierweiler, ironically on his side “solar“.

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The fans of Beijing Express: shocking duos will have to wait until Wednesday August 3 to discover the new episode of this season full of celebrities, in which Valérie Trierweiler and Inès Reg participate in particular. And it must be said that the former First Lady and the comedian, who advises against the adventure for couples and participates with her sister, have caused a lot of ink to flow since the launch of the show!

Inès Reg facing Valérie Trierweiler: war is declared in Beijing Express

In question: their sometimes stormy exchanges and certain remarks made during the filming. Ines Reg had thus revealed what had his first spicy exchange with the ex-girlfriend of François Hollande, while a remark from the latter marked the spirits in the episode of this week. Furious, Valerie Trierweiler described the comedian and his sister Anaïs as “salt****” by discovering one of the duo’s strategies. Words that quickly caused a reaction Ines Reg : “She is a woman who had a career, who was First Lady. Yes, it’s true, it’s hard to hear words like that. I admit that it stings a bit at the moment“.

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Artus tackles Valérie Trierweiler in Beijing Express : “It’s a bit like Yoann Riou, but as a girl I find

But the companion of a certain Kevin is not the only one to have been surprised by this behavior. In his Instagram story, this Friday, July 29, it is the comedian and actor Frame who took the floor to tackle, through irony and sarcasm, the attitude of Valerie Trierweiler. “I’m doing the Beijing Express replay. But then, I find it nice! What a little sun… She’s there, you want to take her in your arms“, begins the artist who has been the victim of grossophobia. And she is not the only one to take it for her rank: “It’s a bit like Yoann Rioubut girl I find. There is this always solar side“, he asserts about the recently eliminated candidate.

Artus knocks out the behavior of Valérie Trierweiler in Beijing Express : “She didn’t leave her girlfriend like shit in the trunk at all

Before recalling certain feats of arms of the participant, such as this mission during which she will leave her partner Karine alone in the back of a vehicle with a basin of tea: “She didn’t leave her girlfriend like shit in the trunk at all, she went to get with her, she didn’t go ahead […]. And she didn’t call the chicks ‘s***’ at all. […] She looks really nice what, while I find thatInes Reg looks tough! She seems all closed… Really, team Valérie de phew. In conclusion : “Go my Valoche“… or not.

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