Impôt sur le revenu : attention, voici les 5 dates à ne surtout pas manquer cet été

watch out, here are the 5 dates not to be missed this summer

Income tax is rarely a pleasant part of our administrative chores. Indeed, talking about administrative chores would even be an understatement for some of us. Still, with an up-to-date agenda and essential information at hand, everything becomes easier.

So, to be up to date with your income tax, it’s time to update your calendar. car, object shares with you 5 essential dates that you should not miss this summer. 5 dates that are also mentioned by our colleagues in the online magazine It is still time and by those of MoneyVox. In other words, reliable sources!

Follow the guide so you don’t miss any of the essential summer dates in terms of income tax!

The 5 key dates of summer for your taxes

The first of the important dates, dates to remember and note in your diary, is that of July 21. Of course, that date has passed. But it should still be highlighted because it may correspond to an unexpected transfer to your bank account.

Indeed, according to the colleagues ofobject mentioned above are between 12 and 13 million French people who received a transfer denominated “INCOME TAX REMB”. No doubt therefore, it is a refund sent by taxes!

The General Directorate of Public Finance explains this reimbursement to taxpayers. It indicates in particular that it is established in two stages. Thus, the first to benefit from the reimbursement of an overpayment received their transfer on July 21st. For the others, it will be necessary to wait until August 2.

But before talking to you about August 2, it will be necessary to register the dates of July 25 and 29 on his schedule. Indeed, it is on these dates that the first tax notices 2022 will be available. An important date therefore since it is important to keep your tax notices. They are used for all kinds of administrative procedures, sometimes unrelated to taxes.

Important information so you don’t miss any deadlines

People who benefit from a refund and who therefore no longer owe anything to taxes will receive their tax notices between July 25 and August 5on their particular online spaces.

For people who benefit from a refund, whether or not they have a tax debt, receiving their tax notices between July 29 and August 31. In short, in September, everyone will have received their new 2022 tax notice.

Then comes the date of August 2nd therefore, the one at which other taxpayers eligible for a tax refund will receive their transfer. Then, the date of August 3 is to be noted. It is the one to which the online tax return correction tool is accessible. A tool available until mid-December.

Finally, between September 15 and 26this is another key period for taxes. As of the official limit of the balance payment to be settled. the September 15 for direct payments, the September 20 for online payments and September 26 for automatic withdrawals. For these last dates, also note that it is important to Communicate your RIB to taxes before September 13 !

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