Une victoire et des progrès [Joueur par joueur Rodez-Bordeaux] - Girondins

Une victoire et des progrès [Joueur par joueur Rodez-Bordeaux] – Girondins


The Girondins de Bordeaux won their first success of the season in Rodez with the score of 3 to 0. Let’s look at the performances player by player.

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DavidScreenplay : He has lined up the eleven players expected in this meeting. He trusts the automatisms that have been created for two games and that proves him right. In addition, his team played forward with the aim of projecting themselves. Finally, his coaching is a winner because he gives more and more playing time to his 11 starters. The entry of De Lima is decisive at the end of the match.

Gaetan Poussin : very criticized after his match against Valenciennes, he learned this week that he would be number 2 after the recruitment of Lössl. Nevertheless, the Bordelais responded in the best way. He delivers a clean game, serious in his interventions and his reading of the game. He also proves that he has a psychological response.

Jacques Ekomie : another great performance for the 18-year-old young professional. He is imperial on his left side in his defensive interventions. He tries 5 crosses in this meeting and participates in the attacking game. He scores points.

Stian Greggersen : the Viking of the Girondins is solid and he proves it. He dominated the game in the air and in the duels he was imperial. Clean in the raise.

my youngest : more at ease tonight than against Valenciennes. It perfectly covers the left side. He too is a master in duels and his raise is impeccable. It is complementary to Gregersen.

Malcolm Collect : he adapts to this right-back position, he who is a central defender. He did the job. Always athletic in the duel, he tries to participate in the offensives but he is not at ease in this sector of play.

Tom Lacoux : some criticize him for his lateral or backward play. He showed in this match that he knew how to play forward. First raiser of the team, he directs the game in short or long pass. It increases in power on the physical level. He was captain and talked a lot to his teammates. Watch out for his bullet losses in the danger zone.

fransergio : first tenure and first decisive pass. The Brazilian projects forward and gives a goal ball to Dilane Bakwa. He also won duels (6).

Danylo Ihnatenko : good in the first half with his goal, the first of the match with a shot at the near post. And less good in the second half with leaps of concentration and easy loss of balls.

Logan Delaurier-Choubet : he beefed up his game with 7 duels won against Rodez, versus the match against Valenciennes where he had lost all of his duels. A good dribbler, he provokes opposing faults. He twice wanted to make the decision alone instead of having his partners play, be careful.

Dilan Bakwa : he confirms his beautiful dispositions. Swift, dribbler and fast. He makes the difference on his actions. He scores the second goal on a service from Fransergio. He is physically fit. Unstoppable at his post.

Josh Maja : in the shadows all this meeting with only 17 balls touched. He doesn’t have a single scoring chance. It frees the spaces for the partners. Moreover, he still seems too fair physically to be decisive. David Guion knows that, and he gave him playing time with 90 minutes on the pitch.

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