Une Coupe du monde en jeu : Paul Pogba (Juventus) à l'heure du grand choix

Une Coupe du monde en jeu : Paul Pogba (Juventus) à l’heure du grand choix


Paul Pogba had probably imagined different scenarios for his reunion with Juventus. Except one. The disaster one. Cruel, the latter even took time to take shape after several idyllic weeks for the French midfielder, who did not really need to get back to his bearings in a club he knows by heart. “It’s like he never left“, we like to say on the side of the Continassa, the training center of the Bianconeri. Over there, everyone loves Pogba. His personality, as endearing as it is singular, is unanimous there. the “Pogback” was obviously too good, and as (too) often in recent years, it was an injury that ruined everything.

Having left for the United States with the rest of his team, the 2018 world champion, who left Manchester United at the end of his contract, was forced to leave his team’s training on July 24. After playing 45 minutes a few days earlier during the friendly against Chivas (2-0), he then complained of pain in his right knee. Although limping out of the field, Pogba wants to reassure everyone by raising his thumbs up, as if to indicate that nothing serious is to be deplored. His club is also going in his direction by initially letting it filter that no medical examination is planned. But the pain does not disappear, the program changes and, twenty-four hours later, the press release falls: injury to the lateral meniscus of the right knee.

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The same doctor as for Zlatan

Stunned, Pogba understands that his pre-season American tour ends here and that he will not be able to hold his rank in the two prestigious friendly matches against Barça and Real Madrid. But what everyone wants to know, and especially the tifosi of Juve, is his length of absence. The Italian media are responsible for the response, with a fairly wide range depending on the sources: from thirty days for the most optimistic, to two months for the most pessimistic.

However, they will quickly come together to indicate that the native of Lagny-sur-Marne must choose between two operations: meniscectomy and meniscal suture. To put it simply, the first, considered the lightest, would result in an absence of 40 to 60 days. The second, heavier but more certain in the long term, would oblige the player to three weeks on crutches and an absence of 3-4 months, with the risk of reaching up to five. No need to be strong in math to understand that Pogba would then miss the World Cup with the Blues.

Paul Pogba

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In the entourage of the player, it is ensured that such a scenario is not yet considered. Before, the latter is expected in Lyon on Tuesday for a consultation with Doctor Bertrand Cottet-Sonnery. The same who advised Zlatan Ibrahimovic, also touched in the knee, on the way to follow these final weeks. “The doctor will aim to best advise Pogba, his entourage and Juve“, reported the daily Sunday, specifying that this meeting will be essential for the continuation of the events.Pogba is described as hesitant, but still hoping to be able to avoid the second hypothesis, which is the most serious operation“, could also be read in the columns of the Piedmontese daily, always well informed on the affairs of Juve.

Juve does not want to take any risks

On the Juve side, the situation is somewhat different. Of course, we hope that whoever has recovered number 10 from his friend Paulo Dybala will be absent for as little time as possible. In the best of hypotheses, he would thus miss “only” the first five days of Serie A (Sassuolo, Sampdoria, Roma, Spezia and Fiorentina) and the first two of the Champions League. However, the Piedmontese leaders have a priority: to do their utmost to avoid new physical glitches in the future.

In the event that the advisory opinion leans towards the second option, which could make it possible to definitively settle Pogba’s knee problems, the Old Lady would not hesitate to reason with him, even if it means making him give up the Cup. world. No lightheartedness, necessarily, knowing the attachment of the “Pickaxe” to the Blues of Didier Deschamps. But after a final exercise with 26 matches played with United, Juve does not really want to reproduce the same pattern over the coming season. Behind the scenes, however, she remains attentive to the midfield transfer window.

Pogba, Alves, Pirlo … Juventus, specialist in free recruits

On the side of our transalpine colleagues, it has been explained in recent days that Leandro Paredes is the priority to strengthen this sector, especially after the new injury of Weston McKennie, announced on the floor for a month. Adrien Rabiot, he still has an exit voucher … but only valid in the event of reinforcements at his post. Arthur Melo is close to Valencia. “If the absence of Pogba is measured in several months, the only arrival of Paredes will not be enough“, has warned Tutosportevoking the names of Fabian Ruiz (Napoli), Miralem Pjanic (FC Barcelona), Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio), Ilkay Gundogan (Manchester City) or Jordan Veretout (AS Roma).

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