Understand everything about web marketing

Understand everything about web marketing


The marketing is a discipline that requires knowing the state of the market, and studying it thoroughly. The objective for companies? Satisfy requests of this market, in particular by taking into account the needs of customers and prospects. The latter then become essential, because it is on them that the future strategy to be adopted is based. But, the marketing says ” traditional ” has, since its creation, undergone many changes! From market to the masses which consisted in communicating massively without any personalization, personalized marketing which identifies groups of consumers having an affinity with the product offered; water has flowed under the bridges!

Since the numerical revolution characteristic of the 21st century, and the digital eratraditional marketing is now added to another discipline: web marketing. A specialty in its own right, webmarketing has thus imposed itself over time, to become a must in today’s marketing. More economical but also more precise, it gives pride of place to companies, allowing them to refine their strategy as changes occur.

To become an expert in web marketing, or simply to learn more, many training courses are available online, as offered by Icademy. In order to understand everything about this discipline, we met Cindel Desjardins, its digital project manager.

Back to the basics of web marketing!

Interview with Cindel Desjardins, Digital Project Manager at Icademie

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JUDPLC: Webmarketing is a vast subject, bringing together several subjects. Could you define it for us? What is the difference with traditional marketing, and what is it used for?

Cindel Desjardins: Internet marketing is simply a digital version of marketing ” traditional “, which still exists. The latter can also be supplemented by the first, which has a complementary function.

The term ” Web marketing “ primarily refers to the use of new communication channels such as e-mails, social networks, video platforms… On the one hand, it serves to develop notoriety by bringing more visibility on the internet to companies of all sizes. On the other hand, it is used to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly interconnected.

What is interesting in this field is the set of means made available. Especially since the acquisition costs are lower than with traditional marketing! And the ultimate advantage is the speed which an activity can develop thanks to it.

JUDPLC: Who are the webmarketing players? What are their jobs? Through their missions, what strategic objectives should they achieve?

Cindel Desjardins: There are many players and many branches in web marketing. We can cite the Communication Officers or even the Community managerswhose missions are essentially to ensure the communication of a brand on the web, to respond to Internet users and to increase the feeling of community around a brand. They respond to a notoriety goal.

Then there are also more specific trades like the CRM officers (Customer relationship management ). Or even the Traffic managers whose role is the management of user data as well as the generation of leads. They work with a view toperformance improvement of the website, while ensuring that prospects and the company that owns the website are easily connected.

JUDPLC: In a world that is defined in particular by productivity, digital marketing has become a necessity for the vast majority of companies. But then, for a company that is not familiar with web marketing, where would you advise them to start?

Cindel Desjardins: As webmarketing is enough vast, Ithere are quite specific professions that require a real know how. It is therefore important tofirst assess the needs of the company and the level of knowledge of the person who will be in charge of web marketing. We strongly advise to well yessurround, for example with workers freelancers or some specialized agenciesaccording to the needs encountered.

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For the most small enterprisesit is enough easy to learn through free or paid training. Some levers are also quite simple to activate, such as establishment sheets Google My Businesswho identify the essential business information as well as user reviews.

JUDPLC: Web marketing seems to offer much more complete solutions that go further than traditional marketing, with many existing tools. Is the implementation of this strategy necessarily expensive or are there free solutions?

Cindel Desjardins: Internet marketing is always less expensive than traditional marketing. VSis quite easy to prove because the advantage with the digital marketingis that all actions are measurable. It is therefore much easier to assess the return on investment. In addition, most paid solutions offer free mods precisely to allow users to familiarize themselves with the tool. They can then take out a subscription when the needs become more important and whenthere is a minimum return on investment.

JUPDLC: Marketing automation – which translates as the automation of processes according to user behavior, thanks to pre-designed scenarios – is becoming more and more significant for many companies. Why so much enthusiasm?

Cindel Desjardins: There is a huge enthusiasm for the marketing automation car cis a lever thatmainly relies on the user behavior. Ilnit is no longer necessary to relaunch consumers manually. This is now done automatically according to its clicks, openings, page views… Depending on its behavior, the messages are automatically sent to him to best time whyhe makes a purchase. Despite the multitudes of emails we receive, theemail automationwhich often contains promotional offers, retains good conversion rates.

JUDPLC: Currently, what are the industry’s needs? And what are the opportunities for training in web marketing?

Cindel Desjardins: Faced with competition on the Internet, the needs ofindustry are mainly have an efficient marketing communication service with some employees who are experts in their field.

After training in web marketing, it is possible to become Ccommunication manager, digital project manager, traffic manager, community manager, public relations manager, CRM project manager… There are many variations of professions!

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JUDPLC: This is a material that evolves rapidly, and according to consumer trends and habits. Can courses keep pace with the market? How ?

Cindel Desjardins: It is entirely possible to keep pace with the market! In reality, what is important in training is the trainers. Today there is no no more question of following ultra-theoretical courses with trainers whohave never actually exercised in professional life. The trainers are mostly true specialists who divide their time between classes and their personal activities. So they have a better visibility and terrain awarenessand they stay on top of trends and changes in consumer behavior, allowing them to adapt as they go.

JUDPLC: What are the differences between e-learning and mix-learning?

Cindel Desjardins: L’online learning results in formations in which thelearning takes place exclusively online, while the mix-learning is a mix between face-to-face and online modules. The latter makes it possible in particular to maintain a human link between learners and teachers, and to favor real contact.

JUDPLC: Can we train in webmarketing remotely? And using his CPF rights?

Cindel Desjardins: It is quite possible, and itis Dall the more logical since thehe very principle of webmarketing is to do online marketing. It is therefore very consistent withlearn remotely.

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With Icademy, students are not left to their own devices on a simple online platform, there is a real pedagogical follow-up. And tutor as well asa team of specialized trainers are available to the learner, and throughout the training. It is also possible to take training after having accumulated CPF rights. VSis also a real opportunity for workers to be able deepen their knowledge or learn new onesfor example in the context of a professional retraining.

To find out more about Icademie and its courses, go to its dedicated school page!

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