Twitch: This famous streamer has bet more than half a billion via gambling!

Twitch: This famous streamer has bet more than half a billion via gambling!

for some time, and especially in North AmericaGambling-focused streams are becoming increasingly popular on Twitch. Despite the fact that many streamers like Asmongold, Amouranthor He nods his head have criticized this practice and have tried to make it disappear from the platform, some, like our dear xQctotally accept their addiction.

The streamer had admitted a few months ago to have real gambling addiction. A statement that had alerted many of his relatives, including his father, who had called him in full stream to express his concern. For good reason, xQc had revealed to have lost more than 1.8 million dollars in games. But while monumental sums have been lost, the streamer recently revealed the total amount of his bets, and the sum is more than colossal.

Highs and lows

During one of its recent streams, and in response to a Bloomberg article about gambling on Twitch, xQc revealed its total wagering numbers. Since signing up to online betting site Stake in April 2021, the streamer has wagered more than, hold on tight, $685 million, for a total of 656,376 bets.

Reminder: xQc did not disburse the entire amount out of pocket, but was partly financed by the site itself, or other sports betting entities.

Out of a total of 656,376 bets therefore, he won only 63,057 and lost 583,405which is starting to do a lot. However, this is his money, and although this addiction worries his family and his community, nothing seems to be able to stop him. However, it would be possible to prevent the broadcast of such streams, and many streamers would not be against the idea.

A petition to stop gambling streams

Last May, a petition had been launched by some streamers and viewers so that the stream of gambling would be banned on Twitch. The movement had gathered thousands of users and thus, the petition had reached approximately 3,000 signatoriesmore than the 2,500 it was initially aiming for. Despite everything, Twitch did not ban gambling on its streams, but put in place a barrier, prohibiting content creators of this type from sending their viewers to this type of site (links, spouses, etc.).

It therefore seems that xQc as well as streams related to gambling are not ready to stop. In the future, Twitch may introduce an age limit to view this type of content, or other restriction to protect young viewers. In the meantime, the colossal amount of xQc’s bets is likely to increase again and again, and the concern of his relatives too!


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