Twitch : Amouranth, star du streaming en bikini, fait face à une catastrophe

Twitch: Bikini streaming star Amouranth faces disaster


news material Twitch: Bikini streaming star Amouranth faces disaster

A halt for Amouranth, the most popular streamer on Twitch, who saw her filming room, in which she performs most of the time, being totally flooded, destroying a large part of her streaming equipment as well as her most iconic accessory…

Amouranth a controversial modern icon

If we talk to you about Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, a 28-year-old American born in Houston, Texas in 1993 and passionate about cosplay, not sure that it turns the crowds over… But when we mention her stage name, actress, streamer (cross out the mentions useless), namely Amouranth, immediately, it is the media panic.

Twitch: Bikini streaming star Amouranth faces disaster

First there are the fans, those who follow her everywhere, whether at the time in cosplay contests (as a Tracer from Overwatch or as a larger-than-life Link), and who have subsequently accompanied in his adventures on Twitch or more recently on the adult network Onlyfans.

Twitch: Bikini streaming star Amouranth faces disaster

It all started nicely with ASMR videos, then later, when the “hot tub” trend appeared, these famous videos where streamers and streamers (especially streamers, we agree), are filming in their… jacuzzi, everything has changed. Yes yes, it does exist and some are rich in millions thanks to it.

Finally, we wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the famous “Cutie Pa-TOOT-ies”, when she sold her farts (no, not the animals) locked in jars for sums of up to… 1000 dollars !

Then there are those who cry foul that such sums can be earned so “easily”.
We already mentioned it a few weeks ago.
just with Onlyfans, Amouranth has pocketed over $34 million since his debut and currently earns over $1.5 million every month. through it, not to mention all his other income. It is estimated that his earnings are over $2 million each month. Whatever we say, and without endorsing it, it’s an incredible success.

Big problem for Amouranth and its famous… jacuzzi

Currently on Twitch, the streamer has more than 5.8 million subscribers, 2.7 million on Twitter and nearly 900,000 on Youtube. No immediate concern about his future, as well as that of his descendants, or even the following.

Except that a completely surprising event, “terrible” even according to the words of the performer, came to turn everything upside down a few days ago.

This message, posted on August 18 at 2:03 p.m., had the community and fans in PLS for several hours. But what happened to Amouranth that was so terrible?! The answer came a little later in the evening:

Yes yes, you read correctly, his jacuzzi simply exploded, destroying his entire streaming room, computer equipment and everything else in the process.

Fortunately, Amouranth is fine and the house did not catch fire, the installation having instantly shorted. On the other hand, we are still without news of the promised photosbut the replacement of the stream devices and the jacuzzi went well, the streams having been able to resume with a vengeance.

From there to imagining a publicity stunt to make the buzz, we let the conspirators have a field day.

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