Transferts - PSG : Kylian Mbappé a failli prendre une décision radicale sur le mercato

Transferts – PSG : Kylian Mbappé a failli prendre une décision radicale sur le mercato


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PSG: Mbappé almost made a radical decision on the transfer window

Posted on August 22, 2022 at 10:30 p.m. by Arthur Montagne

At the end of last season, Kylian Mbappé finally decided to extend his contract which ended on June 30. And yet, as Jérôme Rothen assures us, a departure for Real Madrid has been the trend for a very long time. But the PSG managed to reverse the trend thanks to certain promises, in particular with regard to the sports project.

The TV series Mbappe kept the world of football in suspense for many months. And for good reason, the striker’s contract PSG ended on June 30, and everything suggested that he would join the real Madrid. Nevertheless, the capital club never gave up and ended up convincing their player to extend his lease and he is now linked to the PSG until 2025. And yet, Jerome Rothen confirms that Kylian Mbappé was very close to a departure and tells how the Parisians turned the tide..

“It was on for him to leave at the level of his reflection”

It was left for him to leave at the level of his reflection. But there has been a change of strategy at Kylian Mbappé. For me, what was he told? It’s very simple, it’s more professional. It’s a tougher speech with those who go a little out of control, said the member of Dream Team RMC Sport. For the moment, Christophe Galtier says it, Neymar is perfect in his state of mind in training. He’s still there, he hasn’t missed a game and he’s very good. But the day when Neymar will arrive upside down because he went to bed at 5 a.m. because of a poker tournament or a trip and he will miss a match because this or that… “, assures the former player of the PSG at the microphone of CMR.

“Mbappé wanted a different sports project”

In the aftermath, Jerome Rothen explain that Kylian Mbappe expected a completely different project: Mbappé wanted a different sporting project and that’s why he took a long time to extend. When we sell him a sports project, I’m sorry, but we sell him a new project and the Qataris arrive in front of him saying that this project will be done without Neymar because they did not want to keep him for X reasons. Either he accepts or he doesn’t. But when we sell him a project like that and after a fortnight of preparation Neymar had no offer, because nobody wanted him and even when they wanted to lend him nobody wanted him, Neymar put in optimal condition to be at the top physically in view of the World Cup and also to be good on the ground… Well, you have to do with it. »

Mbappé still happy to evolve with Neymar and Messi

Finally, Jerome Rothen also ensures that Kylian Mbappe doesn’t mind playing with it Neymar : “ Kylian Mbappé does not want to overshadow Neymar. But he stayed for such and such a thing. I think very honestly, and I don’t want to speak for him, but I guess when you see the game against Lille… […] The problem is that in the Lille match, if you ask Kylian Mbappé when you see the quality of Neymar’s or Messi’s match and their passing quality, of course he wants to play with these players. It would be completely stupid to say no. How he loved playing with Angel Di Maria because Di Maria was the only player who played first intention and served him last year. »

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