tableau Draft 24 juin 2022

tous les picks, même les plus sombres

Did you sink before the end of this long night dedicated to the 2022 NBA Draft? No problem, TrashTalk summarizes everything that happened in a simple table as pie. Pop quiz next week, so you’ve been warned.

Tonight, last season’s dunces were playing big at Barclays Center. Not on the field but on the stage during the 2022 NBA Draft. To each his favorite, to each his projections. Only time will tell who made the right choices and who failed to bet on the right horse. In the meantime, we have just spent an all-time night that we are not about to forget in the same way as the 60 nuggets successively called by Adam Silver and Mark Tatum. But for those who had an alarm clock or who have to get up early because they are thin, there are some who work, here are the two magic paintings that sum up the moment that we have just spent. With each name in red, the detail of the choice of Draft has been developed in a house article to read without moderation. For the analyses, don’t panic they will fall over the water to refine your speech around the coffee machine. Stay tunedand you will know everything.

The players selected in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft (and the article that fits most)

Position Franchise Player
1 Orlando Magic Paolo Banchero
2 Oklahoma City Thunder Chet Holmgren
3 Houston Rockets Jabari Smith Jr.
4 Sacramento Kings Keegan Murray
5 Detroit Pistons Jaden Ivey
6 Indiana Pacers Benoit Mathurin
seven Portland Trail Blazers Shaedon Sharpe
8 New Orleans Pelicans via Lakers Dyson Daniels
9 San Antonio Spurs Jeremy Sochan
ten Washington Wizards Johnny Davis
11 Thunder via the New York Knicks Ousmane Dieng
12 Oklahoma City Thunder via Clippers Jalen Williams
13 Pistons via Charlotte Hornets Jalen Duren
14 Cleveland Cavaliers Ochai Agbaji
15 Charlotte Hornets via Pelicans Mark Williams
16 Atlanta Hawks AJ Griffin
17 Houston Rockets via Nets Tari Reason
18 Chicago Bulls Dalen Terry
19 Grizzlies through Minnesota Timberwolves Jake LaRavia
20 San Antonio Spurs via Raptors Big Branham
21 Denver nuggets Christian Brown
22 Wolves via Memphis Grizzlies via Jazz Walker Kesler
23 Grizzlies through Philadelphia 76ers David Roddy
24 Milwaukee dollars Marjon Beauchamp
25 San Antonio Spurs thru Celtics Blake Wesley
26 Wolves via Rockets via Mavericks Wendell Moore Jr.
27 miami heat Nikola Jovic
28 Golden State Warriors Patrick Baldwin Jr.
29 Rockets via Wolves via Memphis Grizzlies Ty Ty Washington Jr.
30 Denver Nuggets via Suns peyton watson

Players selected in the second round of the 2022 NBA Draft

Position Franchise Player
31 Indiana Pacers via Rockets Andre Nembhard
32 Orlando Magic Caleb Houstan
33 Toronto Raptors via Pistons Christian Koloko
34 Oklahoma City Thunder Jaylin Williams
35 Lakers through Magic through Pacers Max Christi
36 Pistons via Portland Trail Blazers Gabrielle Procida
37 Sacramento Kings jade hardy
38 Grizzlies through Spurs through Lakers Kennedy Chandler
39 Cleveland Cavaliers via Spurs Khalifa Diop
40 Hornets via Wolves via Wizards Bryce McGowens
41 New Orleans Pelicans EJ Liddell
42 New York Knicks Trevor Bowling
43 Los Angeles Clippers Moussa Diabate
44 Warriors via Atlanta Hawks ryan rollin
45 Wolves via Charlotte Hornets Josh Minott
46 Nuggets via Detroit Pistons via Nets Ishmael Kamagate
47 Memphis Grizzlies via Cavaliers vince williams
48 Pacers through Minnesota Timberwolves Kendall Brown
49 Cavs through Kings through Bulls Isaiah Mobley
50 Minnesota Timberwolves via Nuggets Matteo Spanish
51 Falcons via warriors via raptors Tyrese Martin
52 New Orleans Pelicans via Jazz Karlo Matkovic
53 Boston Celtics JD Davison

Washington Wizards

Yannick Nzosa
55 Bucks through Golden State Warriors Gui Santos
56 Cavs through Wizards through Mavericks Luc Travers
57 Portland Trail Blazers through Grizzlies Jabari walker
58 Bucks via Indiana Pacers Hugo Besson
59 ————————- * ——-
60 ————————- * ——-
    * Bucks and Heat penalized one pick for tampering, 58 picks only this year

Hop, hop, hop, like irregular verbs in English, we jot that down in the back of our minds to be able to recite everything in order. And we meet here in a few years to spit out our coffee by rediscovering a very high drafted player who has completely disappeared from circulation.

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