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Tour d’Espagne – Pinot : «Ma saison est correcte, mais ça me suffit pas»

Objective stage victory for the Groupama-FDJ on The 2022 tour (August 19 – September 11) and especially for Thibaut Pinot who find the competition on the Tour of Spain after a Tour de Francefrustrating” where he finished 14th overall and without a stage win. The Franc-Comtois wants to catch up on The return which starts this Friday. For the third Grand Tour of the season, the team led by Marc Madiot unveiled a team composition of adventurers who should be on the attack on the Iberian roads and starting with Thibaut Pinot. “I really didn’t do what I wanted to do on the Tour de Franceknowing very well that at the end of the season apart from two, three races in Italy there is not much that could have made me happy in the endhas explained Thibaut Pinotdouble stage winner in 2018 on La Vuelta, this Wednesday at a press conference before Tour of Spain. I really wanted to do mountain stages, to do what I love and that’s why I’m lining up. I didn’t want to end my season on the frustration of the Tour. Before the start of the Tour, doing the Vuelta was a possibility and when I realized during the Tour that I would have trouble influencing the race I knew very well that I would go to the Vuelta. I am very motivated by La Vuelta. Personally, I left the Tour with a little frustration but I immediately projected myself. I think the side effects of covid are behind me and I hope to be at my best during these three weeks. The ambitions are clear: go for a stage victory. We have a great team, each runner will have his card, it will be interesting.”

Video – Thibaut Pinot at the start of the 77th edition of La Vuelta!

Mauduit: “Thibaut Pinot will notably have a freedom of action which should please him”

Around the Fresentment-VSSomething Rudy Molard – wearer of the leader’s red jersey in 2018 – Sebastian Reichenbach, Quentin Pacher and the French time trial champion Bruno Armirail should also seek to impose itself on steep terrain. For the sprint finishes, the French team decided to launch the Briton Jake Stewart in the deep end for his first Grand Tour. Just crowned with his first success among professionals on the Ain towerthe 22-year-old go-everywhere sprinter will be able to rely on two teammates with Fabien Lienhard and Miles Scottson.

The sports director Philippe Mauduit also mentioned the ambitions of this group. “We have put together a team of adventurers to seek stage victories. We will have real possibilities with our climbers: Thibaut Pinot, Quentin Pacher, Rudy Molard and Sébastien Reichenbach. Thibaut Pinot will notably have a freedom of action which should please him. We hope he will no longer be hampered by the effects of covid which prevented him from being at 100% in July. Bruno Armirail also has the ability to integrate the breakaways, he can have his chance or play a decisive role to help his friends. We will also have a small group around Jake Stewart with Miles Scotson and Fabian Lienhard, they will form a small train that holds the road. We will have to be offensive, we have the team for it!”

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