Tour de France - B&B Hotels-KTM avec Pierre Rolland et Franck Bonnamour

Tour de France – B&B Hotels-KTM avec Pierre Rolland et Franck Bonnamour


Training B&B Hotels-KTM revealed its selection for the 109th Tour de France which will take place from July 1 to 24. Unsurprisingly, the two leaders of the French team – Pierre Roland and Frank Bonnamour – are part of the selection for the Big loop 2022. They will be accompanied by Alexis Gougeard, Cyril Barthe and Cyril Lemoine who are used to the French event. Instead of Luca Mozzato, Jeremy Lecroq and Sebastien Schoenberger who will find it. “If you arrive in Copenhagen with a flower in your hand, you might as well not go there. The Tour is the Tour, it requires you to show up ready, determined, with a knife between your teeth.” explains the sports manager Didier Rous to his team.

Video – Rolland will have his 13th participation!

Didier Rous: “Let’s rise to the occasion!”

We will be there to aim for stages, on the plain as well as on more rugged terrain, continues Didier Rous. We have built a homogeneous group, able to show its solidarity on the curbs or the cobblestones and to play the mavericks on the stages which will smile at the breakaways. We will try to be opportunistic, as we did in Paris-Nice or the last Critérium du Dauphiné. It’s our DNA and we have to play on this register: get out of the peloton, come out of it when necessary, create movement. […] The last two Tours have shown that we have our place in this event. The main thing will be to get our race off to a good start by emerging unscathed from the first stages, which will not be without risk. We have what it takes to shine in the sprints and in the wind. Let them surrender, let them go all out! The Tour is exceptional, let’s rise to the occasion!

Pierre Rolland: “I didn’t experience any hiccups in my preparation”

Accustomed to the appointment of the month of July, Pierre Rolandwho will thus experience his 13th participation, seems to have regained good feelings (best climber in the Dauphiné 2022). “I approach the Tour in very good condition. I’ve done what it takes to get in shape, without missing a single workout over the past few months. I didn’t experience any hiccups in my preparation, it’s now up to the race to decide. For a week, for sure I won’t have fun. If the wind blows like it is to be feared, there will be some apprehension for the first few days, but I have nothing to lose. I can’t wait for the Tour to start, for the risky stages to be behind us and then, after the first day of rest, we will enter a terrain that suits me.“, declares the one who has won two stages in the past on the Round.

Elected Super-Combative of the last Tour de France for his first participation, Frank Bonnamour was also selected: “I will not run the same way as last year. I will focus more on the stages where I feel capable of winning. I did reconnaissance courses to find out which stages I could aim for. It is on these days that you will have to give everything. The rest of the time, I will try to run more relaxed. I have also experimented with preparation at altitude and will soon discover what benefits I derive from it. For the first time in my career, I focused my season on the Tour, knowing where I put the wheels. This race was successful enough for me last year to approach it with confidence.”

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