Totally drunk, she is shocked to find a surprising note on the windshield of her car

This young American is called Paula Schultz. While she was in a bar and drank a lot, she made the choice not to take her car. But when she later returns to retrieve it, she finds a surprising word on the latter. We’ll explaine everything here.

Well-watered evenings

In this summer period, the time is festive. Although there is no need for a certain weather to party, it is true that when leaving the beach or when the weather is good it is more pleasant to drink a little. But all too often evenings are very drunkand sometimes the repercussions can be heavy. Making the choice to drive your car after drinking is the worst possible in this situation.

In addition, in France many devices exist so that you do not have to drive yourself. Insurance policies may indeed contain a clause saying that they cover a taxi to prevent you from getting behind the wheel. But it is also possible to ask for a taxi or to a policeman or gendarme in the area. But if you take your alcoholic car even if “it’s fine”, in reality the consequences could be dramatic. Alcohol tricks your brain or you risk having a lot less reflex. And even if you feel like you’re fine for a while and you can swerve down the road. From that gap you might end up face to face with a car, maybe a family.

The bar rewards the car

And it is precisely for this reason that this bar wants to reward people who choose to leave their car rather than take risks for themselves or for others. This bar is called the Original Joe’s, it is located in the United States. And indeed, this American named Paula Schultz decided after drinking well not to take the car. So his car had to sleep in the parking lot of the bar. So when the next day she was better she wanted to go get her car. But she didn’t expect what she was going to see.

A nice word

The pub manager saw what this young lady did. That she had therefore chosen not to take her car because she had been drinking a lot and to go home differently. So to thank this behavior he chose to slip a note under his windshield wipers. She was able to read this note. “Dear Original Joe’s Sherwood Park customer, I would like to thank you for leaving your vehicle parked overnight. (…) We wanted thank you for not driving after drinking. Inside you will find a voucher that will entitle you to 1 pound (450 gr) of our delicious chicken wings. Please accept this as a thank you for being responsible. Life is precious, have a nice weekend”.

Thus, thanks to her choice not to take the car, she was able to take advantage of her gift in the days that followed. She also chose to relay this story on social networks. Whether it’s to show the benevolence of the bar or to encourage others to do the same. In any case this story has much more and has been shared over 8,700 times.

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