Top 20 funniest tweets about weddings, when you say "I do" for life

Top 20 funniest tweets about weddings, when you say “I do” for life


In 2021, in France, 214,000 marriages were celebrated between people of different sexes and 6,000 between people of the same sex. An important step, but optional, in a couple, which allows families, friends and loved ones of the two concerned to come together for a party, whether it lasts a few hours or several days. From the marriage proposal to the engagement ring, including the ceremony and the honeymoon, marriage is also found on the side of Twitter. Inspired twittos who don’t fail to offer you the 20 funniest tweets about weddings, when you say “Yes” for life.



me the day before the wedding

April 26, 2021


At my daughter’s wedding when at 4 a.m. her husband will come and tell me “we’re going home to rest, we’re tired, good night”

August 15, 2022


There’s a bug, he proposed with drones

August 15, 2022


at my wedding you shout “kisses, kisses” I put you out huh

August 15, 2022


My mother-in-law said she wouldn’t come to our wedding because it would be hypocritical (since she wants her son to call off the wedding). For once I agree with her, it deserves a tweet

August 15, 2022


Me at 8 at the end of a marriage

January 16, 2021


“For my wedding I will not exceed €450”

August 28, 2021


Do your wedding during Ramadan so that no one eats

April 26, 2021


Me on my wedding day: bb is it still good for 3 p.m. today?

November 23, 2020


Beckham you invite him to your wedding he leaves with your wife

May 19, 2018


The mediaval theme goes into pole position for the worst wedding theme far ahead of the Johnny Halliday theme Sah, there’s what’s romantic about it’s the plague, rats and John Snow..

March 10, 2020


I’d rather visit 4 countries in two weeks than feed 600 people at my wedding

July 2, 2021


Imagine you propose to your girl and she snaps you

May 31, 2020


when it will ask me to shake hands with the pelo who will come to ask my sister in marriage:

August 14, 2022


The day I laughed the most was when my cousin missed his wedding because he was in GAV, I was DEAD

March 27, 2019


There’s a guy he broke up with his go in a restaurant, she started crying, people thought he had just proposed to her and they started to applaud mdrrr

March 13, 2018


Four weddings for a full tank of gas

December 9, 2018


In primary a girl she wanted us to get married at recess, I missed my wedding to play the classico CM1-CM2

March 12, 2021


“If your in-laws dance too much at your wedding, you just married their problem”

January 27, 2020


I will always remember for my cousin’s 2nd wedding, my uncle started his speech with “thank you all for coming back”

January 1, 2021

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