Top 12 Hidden Details in The Simpsons Secrets of Springfield

Top 12 Hidden Details in The Simpsons Secrets of Springfield

You know it, we know it, my grandmother knows it: sometimes there are hidden jokes in cult series or super discreet details, those famous “easter eggs” that only the most assiduous viewers notice. After more than thirty years of existence, you can imagine that the Simpsons has a lot of little hidden tricks, but I must admit that it would take too long to list them all, I calculated, it would take a lifetime to do so , so here are just a few.

1. Krusty the clown, clone of Homer Simpson

Did you know ? Originally Krusty was supposed to be a secret personality of Homer Simpson before becoming a character in his own right. But many gags refer to this first idea, in particular the episode where Homer becomes a clown and looks like two drops of water to Krusty.

2. Matt Groening’s initials hidden in Homer’s face

Well this one is known, but Matt Groening’s initials “MG” are hidden in Homer’s face, the “M” for the hair and the “G” for the ear. If you didn’t know that’s nice to know, otherwise sorry I’ll do better.

3. Only two characters have five fingers

All the Simpsons characters have four fingers, that’s how it is, but two of them have five and they are simply God (whose face we never see) and his son Jesus. AND DID YOU KNOW THAT?

4. There’s a game room that you only see in five or six episodes.

If you think you know the house of the Simpsons like the back of your hand, you must know the famous game room with a second TV. She appears in only one episode of season 28 and before that she had only appeared a few times in season 5, the rest of the time the action takes place in the living room.

Picture credits: 20th century fox

5. There is only one character to have lines in all episodes

And you will have probably guessed it because without surprises it is Homer who is the only character to speak in absolutely all the episodes. So he is the real hero of the series, and at the same time it was predictable, even if you thought it was DuffMan.

6. There were a few hidden cameos

If the series has had many celebrities come to make appearances or lend their voices, there were also two stars who decided to make a hidden cameo. The first was obviously Michael Jackson who lent his voice to a character who thought he was the real Michael Jackson and the second was the great actor Dustin Hoffman who had also taken a pseudonym for the credits.

7. Maggie’s Price

In the credits, Maggie can be seen being scanned when Marge is shopping and the first price to have been displayed historically was $847.63. Why this price? Because back then that was the average price parents spent per month raising a baby in the US. Incredible isn’t it?

Picture credits: 20th century fox

8. Milhouse may be a descendant of Mussolini

This is his second surname, and during an episode we learn that his grandmother arrived in the United States in 1944 after leaving Italy. There are several small references to this descent in a few episodes and it could well be that Milhouse is Mussolini’s grandson.

9. Matt Groening “embodies” an important character in the family

And that character is simply Maggie. Basically Matt Groening did the recording of the tutute sound with which Maggie constantly expresses herself and if we called an actress to record the two times the baby speaks, all the rest of the time it is Groening. who embodies it.

10. McBain’s passages are one and only film

You probably know the fake Schwarzenegger, Rainier Wolfcastle, and each time you see a passage from one of his films you might think it’s something different, but in reality it’s one and only. film with a super complicated scenario. And it makes you want to see it all.

11. Principal Skinner is inspired by Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables”

In a flashback where we see him while he was a soldier in Vietnam, we learn that Skinner had registration number 24601, the same as Jean Valjean. In another episode, we learn that Skinner stole someone else’s identity when he was just a simple criminal before that and that’s completely Valjean’s story.

12. Kodos and Kang are “Star Trek” references.

The two octopus-shaped aliens are named after characters from star trek : Kang from a Klingon and Kodos from the character “Kodos the Executioner”, a very angry and violent killer. It gives you an idea of ​​just how peaceful these aliens come.

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