Top 10 Most Expensive WoW Mounts - World of Warcraft

Top 10 Most Expensive WoW Mounts – World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft mounts have always been popular with players. Some are easy to obtain while others are extremely rare because they are expensive. Hirumaredx has come back to the 10 most expensive frames and I suggest you discover them below.

  1. BFA Reputation Mounts : These are 6 mounts added in patch 8.2 and available in the different factions of Battle for Azeroth. Each time you have to pass Exalted and pay less than 72,000 gold coins to get them. This is for example the case of the spectral pterrordwing or the dark gryphon of the Waycrest.
  2. Champion’s Blademotor : An Alliance-specific motorcycle sold in Stormwind, at Paulie’s, for the modest sum of 100,000 gold. This was added with Warlords of Draenor. The Horde version, Warlord’s Death on Wheels, was offered for free at the time, but is no longer accessible.
  3. Great Expedition Yak : Coming with Mists of Pandaria, this mount costs 120,000 gold and can be purchased from Uncle Deep Pocket in the Grummock Bazaar at Kun-Lai Summit. It also has a merchant and an NPC for transmogrification. Originally, the latter was an arcane retoucher but Blizzard changed this in Warlords of Draenor. This mount is mainly used for its NPCs, more than for walking around.
  4. Swamp Hopper : This frame exists in three colors and can be green, blue or yellow. It is sold by Goltum in Nazmir and costs 333.333 gold, which is almost a million if you want all three ^^
  5. Rustbolt Construct : Added in patch 8.2, this flying mount is tied to Rustbolt Resistance faction. You have to farm the island and get Exalted towards the faction, then spend the modest sum of 420,000 gold (a little more in theory, but you have a 20% discount when you are Exalted). The mount is quite nice and appreciated by many players for its mechanical aspect.
  6. Pale Direhorn : Another Battle for Azeroth mount. This one is sold by Talutu in Zuldazar (Horde) or by Nick the Cynic in Tiragarde Harbor (Alliance). It costs 500,000 gold coins.
  7. lightforge skeleton : This Legion mount requires Exalted to be upgraded to the Army of Light, which is no small feat these days. The exorbitant cost of 625K drops to 500K once you’re Exalted, which helps cut the pill a bit.
  8. Bloodfang Cocoon : Sold for 2 million gold coins, this mount is exclusively accessible from the Mad Merchant, in the version of the broken islands of Dalaran. Since the seller appears randomly, you have to be patient and watch his appearance closely.
  9. Spectral Tiger : This mount comes from the TCG WoW, and more precisely from the extension The Fires of Outland. The mount was offered through loot cards, with the mount being the rarest card in the set. It is worth at least several thousand euros.
  10. Mighty Caravan Brutosaurus : This mount of all superlatives cost no less than 5 million gold coins on BFA. It has the particularity of having a portable auction house, which is truly brilliant. The mount is gigantic and is currently only available on the Black Market.

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