Victor Wembanyama et Tony Parker

Tony Parker réagit cash au départ de Wembanyama !


It is now a certainty: after only one year in Lyon, Victor Wembanyama will leave ASVEL. A news that had the effect of a bomb, and to which the president of the club Tony Parker was quick to react to our colleagues from L’Equipe. With, obviously, a certain bitterness…

When he landed at ASVEL, Victor Wembanyama dreamed of flourishing there and living there for two years of a relentless rise to the NBA Draft. In reality, however, things were quite different. The prodigy has indeed chosen to pack his bags and leave the Rhône this summer. If his destination remains unknown (Boulogne? Paris Basket? G-League?), Tony Parker has already reacted to the microphone of L’Equipe.

The first feeling, the word that dominates, is “damage”. Honestly, he’s a good kid. He has a really good attitude and it’s a shame he didn’t give us the opportunity to continue. We had started on a two-year project, we had built the thing over two years and next season, we were going to move up a gear and do everything for him in year 2. In addition, we win a title, him takes all the experience, which is crucial when you’re a competitor. Afterwards, I wish him all the happiness in the world. He will succeed anyway. But it’s really unfortunate for us.

Tony Parker doesn’t understand Victor Wembanyama

Behind this diplomatic response, TP admits not understanding the motivations of the probable future number 1 of the Draft:

No, I don’t understand. But afterwards, I respect his decision. I don’t understand because we would have made him play 30 minutes per game anyway next season. That was the plan, give him responsibility and grow. That’s what he was promised. That’s why I don’t understand. Afterwards, if he thinks he will have a better opportunity, in Boulogne-Levallois or Paris which are the current rumors, I respect his decision.

The Spurs legend, who concedes that the departure of Wembanyama will have negative financial consequences for ASVEL, now intends to look ahead and build his roster without thinking about what many observers consider to be a failure.

In any case, it seems clear that the frustration will remain present for a long time in the back of TP’s head:

Did we miss something with him? Not at all. If I use Victor’s words, he said that we had nothing to be ashamed of. The club have nothing to reproach themselves for, I have nothing to reproach myself for. The club has everything in place for him. It’s just that in terms of the game, he thinks he can do better elsewhere. We just feel unfinished because he was injured half the season. The ten, fifteen matches where he was in good shape, he was getting stronger and you could see that next year he would be ready. Shame…

Too bad, it’s actually the keyword for Tony Parker, who would have liked to be able to count on his nugget next year. In the end, nothing will come of it, and it is far from the banks of the Rhône and the Saône that the Ile-de-France resident will continue his journey, the gaze of the whole world fixed on him…

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