Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1249 of Thursday August 11, 2022 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1249 of Thursday August 11, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Nicolas Barraud holds Samuel, Chloé gives Bart, Sara and Roxane a nice gift. At the same time, Manon and Nordine reconcile.


Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday August 11 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Cedric Diallo is dead. Devastated by this terrible tragedy, Jahia, Angie and Lilian are lost and do not know how they are going to announce the news to their mother.

Meanwhile, Noor and Nicolas go to the police station. Indeed, they do not think that Cédric’s death is natural and are convinced that someone has disconnected his respiratory assistance. According to them, it would also be linked to the kidnapping of Samuel. Nicolas then reports to the police that he surprised Victoire watching a video in which Samuel asked her to unplug Cédric to regain his freedom. For his part, Noor says he saw her leave the nurse’s room shortly before her death.

As Victoire is suspected of having intentionally caused Cédric’s death, Commander Constant immediately goes to her house and then takes her to the police station. In the interrogation room, Victoire claims to have entered Cédric’s room shortly before his death. Although she was hesitant to unplug it to save the man she loves, she still couldn’t bring herself to kill him. On learning that he was dead, however, part of her was relieved. Indeed, she said to herself that Samuel’s kidnapper would believe that she had given in to his blackmail and that he would release him. If she then contacted him the night of the nurse’s death, she has not heard from the kidnapper since.

Later, Aurore had Saint-Clair Hospital on the phone. The latter are formal: Cédric’s respirator was disconnected for two minutes and then reconnected. Given these elements, Victoire therefore becomes the number 1 suspect and Martin decides to maintain his custody.

At the hospital, discussions are going well. For Marianne, her colleague is innocent and would never break the Hippocratic oath. For her part, Noor isn’t so sure.

At the police station, Georges brings something to eat and drink to Victoire who swears to him that she did not kill Cédric before begging him to find Samuel. Georges then promises to do everything to get her out of there and then specifies that he will always be there for her.

A few steps away, Damien watched Samuel’s video. On the images, the policeman noticed that the water contained in the glass placed next to Samuel was moving. The doctor is therefore detained on a boat. Without waiting, Aurore and Georges go to the port but the boat is no longer moored.

At the same time, Nicolas Barraud, the nurse at Saint-Clair hospital, kidnapped Samuel. While the latter insults him, Nicolas summons him to be quiet while threatening to kill him.


Béatrice, Sara’s mother, sent the future parents a sleeping bag and a hat that she knitted herself. While Bart and Roxane fear that the colors frighten the baby, Sara considers them to be warm. Obviously, Roxane and Bart don’t dare tell her it’s ugly.

Shortly after, Sara hastens to call her mother to thank her. As she advises her daughter to take care of the baby’s bed quickly so as not to be caught off guard, the future parents take it into their heads to find a crib.

Afterwards, Bart goes to the Spoon for work. As she stops for a coffee, Chloe takes the opportunity to hear from her. Although he thinks a lot about Louise, Bart feels much better since Sara and Roxane moved in with him. Speaking of the wolf, Sara joins them somewhat disappointed. Indeed, they have not found a cradle to their liking. They would like a cradle with a bit of history but Roxane no longer has hers and Sara’s burned down in the hotel fire. Bart then says he is certain that they will get their hands on the one they need in a flea market.

At the end of the day, Bart, Sara and Roxane receive a visit from Chloé who has come to offer them the cradle in which Maxime, Judith and Céleste slept. Touched, they thank her warmly.


Manon hasn’t really been in high spirits these past few days, which didn’t escape Aurore, who pushes her to confide in her. The young woman then recounts her heartache without mentioning that it is Nordine. To clear her mind, Aurore advises her to go out.

At work, Aurore tells Nordine that her daughter is sad because of a boy. Not knowing what to do to help her, the policewoman asks her colleague to go talk to her.

For her part, Manon spends the afternoon at the hut. When Valentin comes to hear from her, she is cold and distant with him. Realizing that she has been unpleasant, the Daunier girl ends up explaining to her that she is going through a somewhat complicated period at the moment. Shortly after, Manon and Valentin decide to go swimming. Coming out of the water, the beach attendant takes the opportunity to flirt with her openly. When he is about to kiss her, Manon pushes him away. At the same time, Nordine arrives. Having witnessed the scene in the distance, he immediately makes sure that she is fine.

Once Valentin has left, Manon and Nordine go for a drink. The policeman then takes his courage in both hands to apologize to her and tell her how much he misses her. As they are about to kiss, Nordine receives a call from the police station forcing her to go back to work. Nevertheless, they promise to meet again very soon.

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