This store adored by the French will close its doors, the reason is unexpected!

This year 2022 is marked by change, but not only the positive. This year is punctuated by inflation, shortages and special global contexts. But it seems that the Casino Group has also made some changes planned. Indeed, one of the stores after 50 years of existence will close its doors. It turns out that this group wants to go further than just being a supermarket. We’ll explaine everything here.

The end of a beloved store

The Géant Casino store opened its doors for the first time in 1970, in Marseille. But at that time the store was particularly large and with a lot of diversity of what attract many customers. This is why the success was very quickly put. This is why this store was very appreciated by customers thanks to its practical side, whether for purchases at good prices as well as free parking.

The store’s recipe for success was to put everything essential in one place. It turns out that in addition to the big brand, the brand has many smaller stores pretty much everywhere. It is therefore a way of simplifying customer shopping, at low cost and saving them time. It is therefore a popular concept. But yet, next year it seems that Géant Casino will be just a memory, one store among many others.

Giant Casino, a phoenix

Although the store seems destined to disappear, it’s not without a purpose. Indeed, just as a Giant Casino phoenix wishes reborn from the ashes. In reality, it is not the physical store that will disappear but its image and its soul. In this way, the group wants to recreate a new brand image. The store will therefore have a new name. Casino #Hyperfresh. It is therefore with this name and this new image that the brand new store seems to have already been tested in some of the cities of France. And this one has already conquered many customers.

Even though the stores are currently going through a bad period, due to inflation and product recalls, the group wants to change. Indeed, shopping is now a dreaded moment for consumers. With prices constantly rising, shortages prevent the purchase of certain products. And when finally a consumer manages to buy at a good price, the product is dangerous for health and is the subject of a product recall. Customers are beginning to distrust big brands. This is why the new image of this store is based on fresher products and so good for health.

In addition, we notice that the store has chosen an unusual name. Not by its words but by its form. Indeed, in his name we find a hashtag. A more than obvious nod to the culture of social networks. It must be said that it takes up a lot of space in the lives of the French. Besides, good many brands use this bias to promote and attract many customers. So it’s a way to modernize and stay in the era of time.

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