Lidl au cœur d’une grosse polémique : cette offre d’emploi qui choque tout le monde !

this job offer that shocks everyone!

What has stung the communications department of lidl ? Obviously, no one at headquarters was able to anticipate this chaos!

Wind of panic at Lidl!

In its previous advertising campaign, lidl made the whole of France laugh. Indeed, humiliating the competition in this way is unheard of. This famous ” we are bad, boss went around France. It must be said that the king of discount has the recipe to convince his customers. Distributed on site or downloadable from the Internet, the weekly catalog has everything you need to do good business. In addition to food, there are household appliances, clothing and even cosmetics at bargain prices. Anxious to retain its title of ” best chain store of the year »the German brand is now looking behind the scenes. The testimony of its employees tickles the curiosity of customers. Alas, a poster will ruin their efforts!

Lidl clashes with its aficionados

Our colleagues from QG were the first to speak about this controversy. Since then, the poster has been available on Twitter. We can see a smiling employee who invites us to apply to lidl. To start your working life, what better way to send a CV and a cover letter? However, once is not custom, the choice of slogan will turn the tide. For those who are not used to watching movies or series without subtitles, a ” intern » is a person who is on an internship or doing an apprenticeship. However, when it is pronounced in France, one cannot help but perceive a negative conation in it. From then on, two camps clash on the Web. First of all, some deplore the systematic use of Anglicisms. Despite the debate on inclusive writing, we all agree that Molière’s language is sufficiently rich. It’s easy to avoid misunderstandings of this ilk. As for the haters, they remind you that by adding just an accent, the job offer can quickly turn sour.

How to catch up?

On the official site, we prefer to stifle the affair. Indeed, this is not the time to make waves. Obviously, management seems to favor keeping a low profile rather than justifying themselves for hours. In France, new stores lidl open the days. With a constant need for personnel, this small company is not ready to know the crisis. At the house of objectwe cross our fingers that this imbroglio is only a distant memory! We look forward to seeing you soon to discover the different promotions of the week. After making the investment in this barbecue profitable, the start of the school year is fast approaching. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the device of your dreams? We wish you anyway! Continued in the next episode!

Thank you to our colleagues at GQ

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