L amour est dans le pré

Thierry Olive (Love is in the meadow) helpless in bed because of his illness? Painful revelations

On August 8, the M6 ​​channel broadcast a special program! A program she called “20 years of love on television”. The opportunity for viewers to rediscover the moments, but also the emblematic candidates who have succeeded! Among them, we find Thierry Love is in the meadow and his wife Annie. The two lovebirds have been in a relationship since 2012. Subject to diabetes, the man encounters certain difficulties, especially during intimate relationships!

Love is in the meadow: Thierry Olive, always so discreet

Lately, M6 has spoiled fans of dating shows. The channel put forward the couples who formed through these programs. Because yes, these TV hooks succeeded in bringing hearts together.

So much so that some have ended up getting married. Moreover, this is particularly the case of Thierry Olive and Annie in Love is in the meadow. Viewers had the privilege of following their adventure during the 2012 edition of the show!

Since then, this couple from L’amour has been in the meadow has become inseparable. An idyll that nothing and no one could destabilize. However, Thierry Olive is a fairly discreet personality. Apart from his relationship with Annie, we know absolutely nothing about his life.

But recently, new information has come to light. And apparently, the man happens to have had diabetes for several years now. A detail he had never liked to mention before!

This big revelation he made in the columns of TPMP People

Thierry Olive Love is in the meadow was recently interviewed by Matthieu Delormeau last May. As a reminder, this is the host of the show TPMP People. A special program from TPMP but which is only limited to the personal life of the guests!

For this question, he was asked on his current relationship with Annie. At first, the man wanted to reassure the public that everything was fine.

But during his story, this former candidate for Love is in the meadow revealed very great secrets! As it would seem, the man faces some difficulty, especially in bed… And at present, Thierry can no longer enjoy the advantage of living one of these passionate nights with his wife Annie.

Because of his health problems, he had to “put his little tool in the drawer”. “I am soon to retire, my wife too,” he said. Before revealing the fact that he already has a hip prosthesis and was battling diabetes.

Thierry (Love is in the meadow): How did he discover his illness?

Let’s go back to October 2018, when Thierry L’amour est dans le pré had posted a completely offbeat video. We were able to discover the man in the disguise of several characters who have one thing in common. There was Tom Hanks, Lyz Taylor or Sharon Stone.

What connects them? Well, all are prone to diabetes ! And for this cause, he wanted to raise awareness about screening for the disease. Especially since he posted it on the occasion of World Diabetes Day!

Thierry L’amour est dans le pré gave more details about his illness to our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. The opportunity for him to come back on how he learned the news ! It was then during his second participation in Fort Boyard.

And strangely, he didn’t feel very well. So, the production had advised him to consult a doctor! And the verdict is in. He learns that he has diabetes! That said, the man had no choice but to slow down!

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