They made fun of him because of his wife’s physique, 6 years later, she is unrecognizable!

Love goes beyond appearances. No matter the size, weight or proportionswe are attached to a soul and not to a body wrap. The story of this couple demonstrated it perfectly. He fell in love with a woman who does not respond at all to what society has erected as model of physical perfection. Despite criticism from those around them, they always loved each other and got married. Six years later, the bride who was so much teased has turned into another woman.

He looked at her beyond her physique

We don’t choose the person we love. Love isn’t just about physical attraction. No one can really explain it. May the person you love be fat or skinnybig or small, it doesn’t matter… when the heart says “I want her”, nothing can be done about it. This feeling is stronger than us.

“Love has its reasons that reason does not know”, said Blaise Pascal, and he was right.

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When we love, we lose our ability to reason. This young man was in love with the young woman when they met. Although the young woman does not meet the criteria of beauty set up by society, he found her attractive. In his eyes, this woman was surely the most beautiful woman that could exist on this earth. He loved her so much that he asked for her hand.

Everyone laughed at the couple

Of course, people all wondered what attracted him to the young woman. But that, he is the only one to have the answer. The young man still married the young woman despite the teasing of his friends and relatives. Then comes the wedding ceremony, Honeymooners were both happy.

The photo of their wedding has gone around the web and created strong reactions on the Web. The bride has been criticized by netizens because of her appearance and her groom for her choice. However, this did not last long. After a few days, Internet users have already forgotten about them. So they took advantage of their love and spent their honeymoon in peace.

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After that, nothing! The couple no longer appeared in the media. It is not known if they are still together or if the young man had decided to leave his wife. It was six years after their marriage that we had news about them. So, did they break?

The young woman has changed

It was a reporter looking for a scoop who remembered them. He then thought that an article talking about the current life of the couple would surely make noise. He then set out to find them. The journalist dedicated a whole day to find them.

He was both happy and shocked when he saw the woman. Happy by the big scoop he is going to have and shocked by discovering thea metamorphosis of the latter. The bride, who was once fat, lost weight and regained a slimmer figure.

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The young woman said she has changed his way of life. She started eating a healthy diet and doing exercises. Moreover, she is always with her beloved. The man is still in love with his wife as on the first day. For him, it’s not the appearancethat matters but love.

The story of this couple shows us that love is stronger than anything. Despite the criticism they faced, they didn’t give up to their love. He also shows us that outer beauty does not necessarily count in a relationship.

It’s kindness, love and forgiveness which must take precedence to make a relationship work. And if you love someone, always listen to your heart.

And you, would you dare to go out with someone who has an imperfect physique ?

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