these new statements testify to the paranoid aspect of the actor

these new statements testify to the paranoid aspect of the actor

Earlier in the week, we revealed to you the recent decision of the Warner regarding the cancellation of the film the flash with Ezra Millernotably following the last announcement on the abandonment of the project around bat girl. But at the same time, the star of DC Extended Universe (DCEU) continues to hit the headlines, with new elements highlighting the paranoia of the American actor.

ezra miller in full paranoia?

Ezra Miller, let’s play your movie the flash of Warner Bros., has been in turmoil for some time, while new accusations regularly come to undermine the career of the actor. The DCEU star seems to be more and more in the hot seat, especially since recent information apparently highlights other dark aspects of his behavior.

The report, published by Business Intern, is just the latest in a growing series of testimonials about the actor’s behavioramong which we find in particular a few arrests, accusations of threats or even manipulation of minors and endangering children. Recent accusations go so far as to mention the existence of a cult to which he belonged when he resided in Iceland.

And lately, ‘several people’ close to Miller fear the 29-year-old actor has lost touch with realitystating that Miller allegedly spent several months driving armed and wearing a bulletproof vest, believing he was being followed by the FBI or Ku Klux Klan. A longtime friend then explained to the media:

I think Ezra was favored by his fame, his wealth, his potential and his beauty. It’s really hard to step in when someone has as many resources as Ezra. When you’re famous, people are less likely to say “no” to you. I think these things can be really dangerous.

Miller would have experienced “frequent nervous breakdowns” during the filming of the film. the flashwhich however did not involve outbursts of violence, but were instead described as self-critical behavior. However, the actor’s alleged behavior off set was reportedly threateningwith physical confrontations and accusations of threats as well as manipulation.

Miller’s erratic behavior would thus have jeopardized his professional future with Warner executives apparently decided to cut ties with the actor after the release of the flashnormally scheduled for June next year.

As a reminder, Miller caused a sensation in his first film in 2008, the drama After school critically acclaimed, followed a few years later by Lynne Ramsay’s dramatic thriller, We need to talk about Kevin (2011). But the actor will be known to the general public from 2016 with his participation in the films Fantastic Beastsand will also enter the DCEU the same year with the release of the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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