These applications on your mobile phone contain hidden viruses, uninstall them

No one wants to have a virus on their phone. And yet, you may be concerned since four applications are singled out for the presence of a well-known virus. They have been downloaded over 100,000 times. So it’s high time to check it out.

Malware dubbed Joker

The cybersecurity company Padreo decided to investigate. And the latter turned out to be successful. In effect, four applications available on the Google Play Store (the store where applications for Android phones are found) are infected with the Joker software. How does this software work? It’s simple, it steals users’ private information and money. However, they are more than 100,000 to be concerned.

But how can this software steal your money? It’s simple. It creates hidden subscriptions that take money from users. However, the latter do not realize that they are subscribers before the first direct debit is made. It’s as simple as it is effective. Padreo tells us that an affected application was used to read one-time passwords or access keys received by users via SMS. These are essential to access certain services. The application took a silent screenshot and therefore had access to private passwords.

Joker also allows other applications to be installed on the phone (in the background). However, the latter are infected by software that is sometimes even more powerful and malicious. This time it is scams that are offered directly on the phonewith targeted advertisements for deals that are too good to be true. The user is prompted to enter personal information.

Apps have been removed from the play store

Following these revelations, the applications were logically deleted. But be careful: if you downloaded them, they are still on your phone. That’s why we reveal them to you.

  • the Smart SMS Messages app which has over 50,000 downloads.
  • the Blood Pressure Monitor app which has over 10,000 downloads.
  • the Voice Language Translator app which has over 10,000 downloads
  • the fast SMS app that has over 10,000 downloads.

Padreo reminds us that it is possible not to be fooled. Just check three important points before downloading: First of all, its developers account has only one app. Usually, once they get banned from the store, they just create another account. Second, their privacy policies are short, use a pattern, never reveal the full scope of activities the apps can perform, and are hosted on a Google Doc or Google Site page. Finally, these apps are never tied to a company name or website.“.

How to remove a virus from your phone?

Because of the open source code, Android devices are targets for viruses and are vulnerable. To protect himself, it is advisable to have anti-virus software. Indeed, it is the safest way. But if you have a virus and want to remove it, you have to restart the phone in safe mode first. Thereafter, open the settings. Browse all recently installed apps. The goal is to uncover suspicious activity. You must then uninstall all software that seems questionable and then activate Play Protect, from Google. It is recommended to regularly have the device analyzed via this application.

Therefore, to protect yourself, remember to download only verified applications and check the authorizations of the applications. Remember to decline if it seems strange to you. Why does an application ask you for access to the microphone? Is it essential for it to work? If not, decline. If you receive spam messages, never click on the links sent. Automatically delete them. Finally, do system updates when they are available. New systems fix bugs and improve security. Always have the latest version.

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