Leur fils de 6 ans décède après avoir bu une boisson, jetez vite ces boissons

Their 6-year-old son dies after having a drink, quickly throw these drinks away

On April 16, 2022, parents lost their six-year-old son to an energy drink. They spoke publicly to alert other parents to be vigilant about this drink.

Too much caffeine and sugar

The story unfolded on April 16, 2022 when Francisco Cervantes visited his grandparents in northeastern Mexico. When he was thirsty, he saw a Monster Energy on his grandmother’s table and drank it. However, after quenching his thirst, the little boy did not feel very well. Following this, his family took him to Alfredo Pumarejo, a hospital located in Matamoros.

Unfortunately, the little boy lost his life after spending almost a week in a coma. His diagnosis revealed that he had been intoxicated when he arrived, the drink he drank contained far too much caffeine and sugar. The parents were devastated following this terrible tragedy.

Moreover, the HNS does not recommend these energy drinks to children because of their high sugar and caffeine levels. Just like Francisco’s parents, a father also lost his son after eating pizza.

Source: Capture Instagram

An 8 year old child because of a pizza

Yohan appeals to the government through his moving testimony. Her message follows the death of her son. Indeed, on the evening of February 17, this father lost his child after the latter ate a Buitoni pizza from the Fraîch’Up range. In the program “Apolline Matin” on RMC, the man recounted the drama he experienced.

On Friday, February 4, the dad bought a pizza for his children to please them. However, a few days after eating the pizza from Nestlé’s Fraîch’Up range, her son was rushed to hospital. The gentleman said he never forgets the day of February 17, 2022, the day his son, Nathan, breathed his last.

“I found my son Nathan in his bed with someone standing there massaging him. This was his second cardiac arrest of the evening. This is the last image I have of my son, ”he confessed with a trembling voice.

Nathan’s father felt responsible for his son’s death. He appeals to the government to take responsibility for situations like the one he experienced. Note that 56 cases of food poisoning have been identified recently. Two of them were fatal, and 35 complaints have already been filed.

“Olivier Véran does nothing, we are all waiting for him to speak and stop slipping away, for sanctions to be taken against manufacturers who do not respect the rules”, he declared. in front of the RMC camera.

It is important to remain vigilant, because children are most exposed to intoxicated consumer products. In some cases, they died because of the person keeping them, like this child who died after an employee poisoned him with a Destop.

A baby died after having swallowed a Destop

On Wednesday June 22, firefighters discovered the body of a lifeless 11-year-old child in a People & Baby private crèche in Lyon. The baby died as a result of poisoning by a drain cleaner, which is none other than Destop. An investigation was then opened after the death of this little girl. The crèche employee was the first to be suspected. On Friday, June 24, she was indicted and ended up confessing everything.

The 27-year-old did not comment after her incarceration. During her interrogation, she ended up confessing her crime. She said she was annoyed by the child’s crying. In a state of anger, she first sprinkled the child with the product before making him swallow it in order to calm him down. A gesture that led to the death of the little girl.

We extend our condolences to the parents of these deceased children!

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