"The Voice Kids": "Tata Yoyo" in ch'ti, the sequence that we did not expect

“The Voice Kids”: “Tata Yoyo” in ch’ti, the sequence that we did not expect

Yaël is 8 years old and has amazing confidence. This little Northerner from Orchies offered the quirky moment of the first episode of “The Voice Kids” on Saturday evening.

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Blue glasses on his nose, checkered shirt open over a “Music is my life” t-shirt, Yaël arrived full of confidence for the blind auditions of “The Voice Kids”, the 8-15 year old version of the telecrochet from TF1. This Vianney fan, from ” Orchies-in-the-Hauts-de-France », says that he is only 8 years old but that he does « lots of things ! “. And here he is, listing activities as diverse as a radio show and the election of Mister Camping. We feel full of energy.

And here he is announcing: Tonight I’m going to sing Tata YoYo in ch’ti to give a little nod to my region “. We know that performances that are intended to be funny and quirky are unlikely to appeal to coaches, the challenge is daunting. This little guy – whose health problems have forged his determination – has a credo in life, you have to go for it, because “ nothing ventured, nothing gained “, he confided to us before the broadcast.

“But it’s ch’ti!” It’s at my house ! »

Facing the cameras of TF1, the toddler launches out, with the mimes as a bonus. ” Tata YoYo, what’s under your big hat? “… The coaches are wide-eyed. After a few sentences, Louane, originally from the mining area, says to his comrades: “ But it’s ch’ti! This is my home, this is the North! “. This amazing performance is not enough to convince the coaches. Of course, technically, Yaël still has work to do to tackle this kind of competition. But he caused a sympathetic wind of fantasy to blow. ” It’s cute “says Julien Doré.

Once the song is over, the coaches turn around. Yaël knows that the adventure already ends there for him, but he doesn’t let go of his confidence. To the question of Patrick Fiori: “ Why this song? “, he answers : ” Because I love the ch’ti and I think it’s a song that puts me in value “. With a lot of benevolence, the coaches salute his performance and give him some encouragement. And of course… a few hugs.

On social networks, several Internet users have welcomed the initiative of Yaël. ” Had to dare “, points for example Anthony on Twitter, “ he is courageous “says Romane.

The whole sequence, which occurs in the second part of the show, just after the first commercial break, can be relive in replay on the TF1 site.

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