The traitors - "There is a limit not to exceed", "Stop", "Not normal on TV": a test of the M6 ​​show goes very badly with twittos

The traitors – “There is a limit not to exceed”, “Stop”, “Not normal on TV”: a test of the M6 ​​show goes very badly with twittos


Screenshot M6 direct/The traitors

Screenshot M6 direct/The traitors


“Freewheeling on M6?” is what Internet users denounced on Wednesday evening on twitter. As they discovered the channel’s new game, “The traitors: will they be unmasked?”, They were shocked by a test, in which Clémence Castel and Elsa Esnoult notably participated.

This Wednesday, August 17, 2022, M6 launched “The traitors: will they be unmasked?”. This game of “manipulation and betrayal” inspired by the famous Werewolf and presented by Eric Antoine, brings together fourteen personalities. Among them: former Miss France Delphine Wespiser, actress and singer Elsa Esnoult, actor Martin Lamotte, former swimmer Camille Lacourt, writer Bernard Weber, world judo champion David Douillet and his partner Vanessa, the former candidate of Koh-Lanta Clémence Castel or the Youtubeur Just Riadh. For six days, these candidates will have to surpass themselves physically and psychologically, taking up sporting challenges, defying their fears, solving puzzles, etc.

But among them hide three players designated by the production as “the traitors”. The evening after the tests, the latter have the possibility of eliminating a “loyal” candidate, who must leave the castle during the night. The loyal must then attempt to eject the traitors one by one, as part of the Round Table ceremonies. Thanks to the day’s tests, the candidates can however hope to win immunity for the evening council. At the end of the six days of play, the winner of the show will win 40,000 euros which will land in the fund of the association he is defending.

On twitter, this new show was widely commented on from the start of the evening. If the cinematic atmosphere of the game and its daring rules aroused curiosity, a first disappointment was expressed from the first minutes: indeed, the production chose to immediately reveal to viewers the identity of the three traitors, where some would have wished not to know them. It was Vanessa the wife of David Douillet, Clémence Castel and Just Riadh who were deemed the most suitable for this role by Eric Antoine, who spoke with each of them. On twitter, many regretted not being able to investigate like the candidates. Some even felt that it took away all interest from the program…

A morbid ordeal

Those who remained in front of their screens were then able to discover the name of the first “loyal” eliminated by the traitors, after their nocturnal meeting in the dungeon. Camille Lacourt was pushed out, Just Riadh considering him to be too good an investigator. After noticing his absence when he woke up, the thirteen candidates still in the running again faced tests. This time, they had to face three kinds of fear in teams: those of the unknown, of the void and of confinement.

Clémence Castel, Elsa Esnoult, Bernard Werber and Just Riadh were awarded this last challenge. To do this, the four personalities had to be “buried alive”: they had to lie down in a wooden coffin, which was then closed, nailed several times and then covered with earth. A situation that greatly panicked Elsa Esnoult, who said it was the “worst seconds of her life”. Even Clémence, known for her courage, has lost her means. “In general, I have a competitive mind, but all my certainties fly away in the face of what we are going to have to face,” she said.

On twitter, this event was considered to be in bad taste. Many users of the social network felt that the production had exceeded the limits, as the situation is distressing. Proof that by tackling the theme of death, this challenge touched on one of the biggest taboos in our society… Many also regretted that the teams were not at all housed in the same boat: while the first were buried alive, the others had to jump into the void (not very high) or do everything to prevent their comrades from entering a cabin…

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