the shocking revelations about his retirement! he can end up on the street.

If Dave is happy to go back on stage, out of passion, he also does it for financial reasons. This is what he explains to us.

Dave! It is in the columns of the magazine Nous deux that the artist confided in his big comeback on stage. It must be said that a serious accident took him away from his public for many months.

After a fall at home, concern was in order. In We are live, facing Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé, he spoke frankly about the accident:

Dave, a still passionate singer

I almost died and it is true that it is not the first time that I have had to deal with death because unfortunately I have lost many friends because of AIDS.

I told myself that it didn’t scare me, and it’s true that I wasn’t scared because I don’t remember anything. […] I don’t remember anyone who came to see me.

If he comes out of it, in particular thanks to the reflex of her husband Patrick Loiseau who immediately calls for help, Dave has some after-effects. But he says it: he feels ready to see his audience again. I don’t remember anything, so I’m not even unhappy, but I’m just for something stupid.

Like people who have had AIDS, I have neither taste nor smell, and at my age, food is still one of the most important moments in life. On the other hand, the balance is starting to get better, I’m ready to do the stage.

Dave does not intend to retire

In the magazine, he explains quite simply that he did not think for a second of retiring. For him, this is not part of the life of an artist. A singer who retires does not exist. Overall, there is no retirement for artists. When you do a passion job, it’s very hard to quit.

Hugues Aufray, who is almost fifteen years older than me, does not do it, Line Renaud (94 years old) either! The best time is when you’re on stage. After two years without concerts, I am ready.

Dave must undoubtedly feel a real lack, he who was forced to be away from his fans for two years. All artists, globally, realized the importance of the stage in their lives when the covid-19 epidemic hit France.

The concerts being prohibited, the singers could not defend their titles in front of the spectators. Enough to plunge some into a deep depression, fortunately quickly forgotten once the first steps on stage have been taken.

A very small retirement for the singer?

And if Dave does not intend to drop the scene, despite the age, it is not only by passion. He needs money ! True to himself, he does not hide it at all.

To tell you the truth, most entertainers didn’t have paychecks until the 1980s. I didn’t put any money aside for retirement. So I have to keep working. I have a flight attendant friend whose retirement pension is exactly double mine!


This reminds us of his cash confidences on the Mask Singer show, which he only agreed to do for the money. It is certain that if I accepted this show, it was because it was in full confinement. When we are confined, there is no concert. I was frustrated beyond belief! This is the last time I do a TV show in which I say to myself: What the hell are you doing in this mess? Luckily you are well paid!

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