The portrait of Franck Gastambide moves internet users

The portrait of Franck Gastambide moves internet users


The portrait of Franck Gastambide in

The portrait of Franck Gastambide in “Seven to eight” moved internet users. TF1 screen capture


This Sunday, August 14, the portrait of Franck Gastambide was rebroadcast in “Sept to eight”. In this interview with Audrey Crespo-Mara, the actor spoke with emotion about his dyslexia and all the difficulties he encountered in his life. A “sincere” speech that moved Internet users.

Summer is in full swing and Augustians are enjoying their holidays. If it is often a source of happiness, this is not the most favorable period for fans of TV shows. It must be said that during this summer phase, the channels put their programming on hold, preferring to broadcast best offs and other reruns. This Sunday, August 14, “Seven to Eight” was no exception to this rule. Indeed, the reports had already been presented to the French. Between camping holidays, the Lessay fair or the impressive city of Chongqing in China, there was something for everyone. Nevertheless, it is indeed the “portrait of the week” which aroused the interest of Internet users, during this program presented by Harry Roselmack.

Discover the portrait of Harry Roselmack:

TF1 dedicated its portrait of the week, in “Seven to Eight”, to Franck Gastambide, who had an unpredictable fate. The star actor of Pattaya, Taxi 5 or even of the “Validé” series has made many confidences that have directly touched the hearts of Internet users. It must be said that his words were particularly moving. Suffering from dyslexia, Franck Gastambide made in the face of many “humiliations”. As he explained, the phrase he heard the most in his youth was “what are we going to do with him”, as much from his family than of his teachers.”I was never second to last, I was always last,” he told Audrey Crespo-Mara, before confiding: “School was a place of ‘humiliation for me’.

“I was so waiting for this portrait”

Faced with the reactions of his entourage, the companion of Sabrina Ouazani himself doubted him. “We end up saying to ourselves that we are an imbecile, that we are good for nothing”, he thus remembered. After explaining that he suffered from dyslexia, Franck Gastambide clarified: “If only I was only dyslexic. But I was what is called ‘multi dys’, so I’m dyslexic, I’m dysorthographia, and I’m dyscalculia . I have problems with spelling, I have problems with math, numbers, arithmetic…” And to add: “And I also have dyspraxia: it’s a learning disability. , which has consequences even for the game. For example, to play cards, I have complications”. Disorders that still handicap him on a daily basis. And if the actor was also diagnosed with HPI (High Intellectual Potential), he did everything to live a “normal” life. He redoubled his efforts to follow his dream and he met an incredible destiny, through courage, perseverance, but also thanks to the help of animals.

“I recognize myself in this profile”

His interview upset many internet users. His words resonated in the minds of viewers. And his testimony allowed other people suffering from these ailments to recognize themselves. Twittos then wanted to encourage and congratulate Franck Gastambide for his “sincere” and hopeful speech.

By discovering or rediscovering this interview, many Twitter subscribers were impressed by the career of this actor.

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