The new Balenciaga it-bag?  An imitation garbage bag

The new Balenciaga it-bag? An imitation garbage bag


Balenciaga, trash bag.
Balenciaga Balenciaga, trash bag.


Balenciaga pushes the limits even further with this trash bag-like handbag.

MODE – Taking out your garbage has never cost so much. Since it arrived in stores and on its website at the beginning of August, the new Balenciaga collection has aroused many reactions. In question ? Her new it-bag: a handbag that looks like a garbage bag.

Yes, garbage bag. This one, whose capacity in terms of liters is unknown, has the same plump and slightly packed shape. It closes, there too, in the same way, that is to say according to a sliding cord.

However, the model of the luxury brand is not made of polyethylene, but of leather. It is available in several colors (black, blue or white), for some 1,400 euros. This is just over 538 times more expensive than a standard pack of 15 bin bags (50 litres) on sale in any supermarket.

Its artistic director has fun. ” I really couldn’t miss the opportunity to design the most expensive trash bag in the world. Who doesn’t love fashion scandals? “, asks Demna Gvasalia falsely in the columns of WWDin March 2022 during the parade during which the article was introduced.

The Georgian stylist, whose quite questionable taste for provocation is known, is not his first attempt. A recent and very controversial pair of partially destroyed sneakers can testify to this. His reproduction of the blue Ikea shopping bag, too.

“Long live Ukraine”

The famous trash bag comes from the fall winter 2022 collection, whose parade marked the spirits of Fashion Week. In homage to Ukraine, models paraded with said bag in their hands in freezing conditions inside a snow machine under the eyes of the spectators, who were protected by glass.

A way, according to the fashion designer, to visually express what he himself felt while fleeing his native country, Georgia. A way, too, to draw a parallel with the situation in which many Ukrainian families are fleeing the Russian invasion. “Long live Ukraine, for beauty, strength, truth, freedom”, could we hear Demna Gvasalia, in Ukrainian, who recited an old poem of 1917 at the beginning and at the end of the show.

Since the start of the conflict, Balenciaga has been keen to show its support for the Ukrainian people. In addition to a T-shirt on the market at the moment and whose funds are donated to the UNITED24 charity platform, the major fashion house also took on a mission at the start of the conflict, that of relaying information relating to the situation in Ukraine on its social networks. An intelligent approach given its number of subscribers (13.7 million) and censorship in Russia.

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