the main levers to master to improve the customer experience

What are the top digital marketing trends in 2022?

While the health crisis has impacted companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity, marketing professionals have had to adapt and invent innovative strategies in order to meet the needs of their customers. If webmarketing is a sector that is constantly evolving, future talents who wish to orient themselves, retrain or add a digital brick within their professional career, must today be trained in the 2 major trends that are currently emerging: a good customer knowledge and data management.

The announced disappearance of third-party cookies, a more aggressive CNIL policy on GDPR compliance, a necessary relationship of trust between brands and their customers are all factors that will promote the collection of zero and first party data, as well as the use of specialized software to take advantage of it (marketing automation, CRM, Customer Data Platform, etc.) “, analyzes Franck Guillerot, educational manager at emlyon. To evolve in digital marketing, you must therefore master acquisition techniques, in order to be able to generate leads through inbound and outbound marketing strategies, while knowing how to analyze, use and protect data. , or even to manipulate machine learning algorithms.

Marketing levers at the service of the customer experience

Whatever your job or your specialization in digital marketing, enhancing the customer experience is essential. ” The goal of any brand is to make its customers satisfied and successful. Improving the customer experience means giving yourself the means to achieve your objective. Each strategy does not involve the same organization, nor the same processes or tools. For example, a B2B company with a long and complex purchase cycle will base its strategy on pipeline marketing (embedding, relationship marketing and nurturing, scoring, commercial relationship), while a structure specializing in e-commerce with a shorter purchase cycle will focus on transactional marketing (acquisition, conversion, loyalty). »

Email, still an indispensable channel

Among the levers of digital marketing, email is still a resistance figure. ” If we assume that zero-party data, which is provided voluntarily by prospects and customers in the context of online and offline interactions, has become indispensable in both B2B and B2C, then email remains an essential channel. “While other means of activation will be effective for your webmarketing strategies (SMS, push, chatbot, social messaging, etc.), Franck Guillerot assures us: ” email remains important to engage prospects and customers in a relationship of trust, provided that it is set up in a very targeted way, at the right time and with the right content “.

The fields of application of social marketing

Ideal for promoting and sharing a service or product, social marketing makes it possible to reach an audience that should not be overlooked, especially for young targets. ” These communication channels are essential to engage your audience during the purchase journey “, emphasizes the head of education. Same observation for Mounia Bouanane, participant who took the digital marketing certificate at emlyon business school and marketing communication manager for Manitowoc Crane Group France. She explains : ” I use social networks for the launches of our new machines, which is a fairly innovative concept in the construction industry. In particular, I was the first to announce the new Potain crane to the general public via a live on youtube “.

Social marketing trends to watch in 2022:

  • The advent of TikTok,
  • The rise in advertising spending on social networks,
  • The development of influencer marketing,
  • The growing popularity of audio content,
  • social commerce,
  • The use of social networks for the management of customer service.

The specifics of mobile marketing

Another essential lever, mobile marketing is transforming consumer interactions with brands. ” It is a multi-channel strategy which aims to reach a target audience, users of smartphones, tablets and/or other mobile devices, via sites, emails, SMS and MMS, social networks and applications. », continues Franck Guillerot. The pedagogical supervisor recommends following the instant apps : “ they no longer require downloading and have a more virtuous design in terms of ecology and respect for privacy “.

A digital marketing certificate to quickly become operational in business

Are you passionate about webmarketing and do you want to learn more about how to use the different levers to improve the customer experience? emlyon business school offers the digital marketing certificate, which is a 9-day continuing education course, eligible for the CPF. It allows you to obtain an overview of the sector to design an effective digital strategy, master the different techniques and tools to better understand this constantly evolving field. Among the topics covered are understanding your audience, modeling the customer experience, content strategy, choosing the right technology stack, and adopting agile methods in a marketing organization.

The certificate is intended for all marketing professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge, but also for managers wishing to complete their field of expertise. ” We also welcome more and more business creators in retraining “, notes the head of education. You have the choice between 3 sequences of 3 days of face-to-face courses, or a 3-month course 100% online. ” It is important that the fundamentals acquired be immediately transposable in the professional environment of the learner. We offer many activities based on scenarios, which makes it possible to illustrate the course in a concrete way. Mounia Bouanane adds: “ the various contributors, who shared their own experiences with us, the group work and the daily evaluation system, are real pluses for measuring achievements and bringing a practical side to the certificate. »

The next sessions are scheduled in Paris from October 4 to December 8, 2022, and in Lyon from October 18 to December 15. Want to know more ? Contact Julie Aguero, emlyon training advisor: by phone on 06 70 31 16 80, or by email:

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